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Interactive Magazine Examples

dior fashion magazine demo

Dior Fashion Magazine

wedding magazine demo

Wedding Magazine

home design magazine demo

Home Design Magazine

photoshop magazine demo

Photoshop Magazine

Create a Flipbook Easily

It seems that it is hard to create a flipbook without programing experience. However, Flip PDF makes it easy to design a flipbook. Only in four key steps can you achieve your goal. To start with, import your PDF file. What's more, download and use one of the pre-designed templates directly. Furthermore, customize pages with an editor. Last but not least, upload flipbook locally or publish online directly.

Navigate Your Readers With Bookmarks

With bookmarks in the Flip PDF, you can mark a specified place in the content to where you want to go or return, which navigates your readers to look through your brochure, magazine, catalog or annual report quickly and efficiently. What's more, the view of destination can be adjusted using the bookmark.

Embed Ample Media into Your Flipbook

Flip PDF entirely entertains your readers with ample media. YouTube video, Hyperlink, animative text, image gallery, audio file and Flash can be embedded seamlessly into your pages, which inspires audiences to stay longer on your page. Obviously, it is beneficial for Google, Yahoo and Bing ranking.

Upload Your Digital Publication Online and Offline

There is no doubt that you can upload your digital publication online in various way. Such as uploading to Facebook, Twitter or sharing to friends via email. Besides, your flipbook created with Flip PDF also can be outputted to local tools as CD, DVD and USB driver, which contributes to reading offline.

Sell Your Flipbook Online With Shopping Cart

It is fairly easy to sell your flipbook online. Using Shopping Cart in the Flip PDF, only click "Buy Now" button can you buy your desired flipbook online. Then, you can pay instantly through PayPal. If you have finished the payment, it will return to a certain page on your website where you can download the flipbook smoothly.

The Reasons Why You Choose Flip PDF to Create an Amazing 3D Magazine

Add Sound

Add sound to make an interactive reading experience.

Insert Hyperlink

Edit pages with adding hyperlinks to make them more flexible.

Customization Setting

Customize texts, fonts, colors, themes, images and so on effortlessly.

Access to Mobile

Read your flipbook on any mobile devices.

Pre-designed Templates

Download and use the free online template directly.

Rich Media

Embed audios, videos, pop-up images, animations and so on into the pages.

Shopping Cart

Sell your flipbooks online directly with shopping cart in the Flip PDF.

Wordpress Plugin

Allow you to output the flip book as WordPress plugin.

Set a Password

Set a password to protect your contents.

Flip PDF devotes to converting your PDF files to digital magazine free of charge, whose publication leaves your readers an amazing reading experience. So, start creating your magazine to impress your clients right now!