Quick Start:

1. Launch the application via the desktop shortcut flip_image_quick_start_desk_icon;

2. Click the "Import Image" iconflip_image_quick_start_add_image to choose images from your computer or camera;

3. Drag images to their destined places, click "Add Page" iconflip_image_quick_start_add_page to add new page;

4. Clickflip_image_publish_icon icon to enter into template setting interface;;

5. Define parameters for eBooks, such as Book, Tool Bar, Bookmarks, and then click the "Apply Change" iconflip_image_quick_start_apply_change_icon ;

6. Click "Convert to Flipping Book" iconflip_image_quick_start_convert_enter_icon to enter into Output interface;

7. Choose Output Type from HTML, ZIP and EXE, here takeflip_image_quick_start_html_icon as example;

8. Clickflip_image_quick_start_browse_icon to set Output Folder as "E:\flipbooks", input File Name as "index";

9. At last, clickflip_image_quick_start_convert_icon icon to output created page-flipping eBook.


You can open the "flipbooks" folder in "E:\", there are three files in this folder:


Open "" to view your created page-flipping book via Web Browser, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.



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