1. File

Android magazine app maker menu file

<1> Add image files: import pictures.

<2> Add images from folder: import a folder of images.

<3> Add PDF file: import PDF file.

<4> New magazine: create new magazine (Current editing magazine will be removed).

<5> Rename magazine: rename current editing magazine.

<6> Load magazine: Load the exported XML file to continue editing.

<7> Save magazine: save all the current setups as a XML file so that load it to continue easily next time.

<8> Save magazine as ...: save and rename the XML file.

<9> Import magazine: Import the project from to continue editing.

<10> Export magazine: export the editing magazine as amp of project different computers editing.

<11> Ghostscript path: if win7 64bit system, you have to set its path manual. (Flip PDF for Android Tablet will automatically recognize Ghostscript path for other system.)

<12> Open magazine root path: enable you to check out the directory of current editing magazine

<13> Exit: exit Flip PDF for Android Tablet.

2. Image

Android magazine app maker menu image

<1> Select all: select all the left pages in the list.

<2> Move first: click any page to select it and then move it as the first.

<3> Move up: move any page upward to sort magazine pages.

<4> Move down: move any page downward to sort pages.

<5> Move last: move the selected page to the last position.

<6> Remove: remove the selected page.

<7> Clear: clear all the pages.

3. Build

Android magazine app maker menu Build

<1> Build magazine: build the edited magazine to Android app.

<2> Set android sdk path: if you encounter problem of zipalign when upload the output magazine app on Android market, you have to setup it.

4. Help

Android magazine app maker menu Help

<1> Help: click it to view the Flip PDF for Android Tablet manual.

<2> About: check version and license code.

<3> Contact us..: visit contact webpage to enquire or ask for help.

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