Publish to Local - Standard Output

Click the "Publish" icon to publish the flipbook to your local computer. You can publish the book in HTML, EXE, App, FBR, mobile version and Burn to CD.

publish to local - standard output



HTML output type allows you to publish and upload created page-flipping eBook online and embed to websites.

You can define HTML Title and other properties by clicking "Advanced" button:

Set Keywords, Description or even Script in the below interface:



EXE output type allows you to save the created flipbook as a single executable file that can run on computers offline.

You can define Advanced Settings for the EXE file: caption, icon, company, legal copyright, product name, product version, file description, comments and window size.

Besides, you can set protection for the EXE file by adding password and setting expired date.



If you want to make executable application to run on Mac devices, you can output as "*.app" format.



FBR is an especially designed format to read with free Flip Reader, and it's easy to email and read offline.


WordPress Plug-in

Flip PDF Professional gives you the flexibility to publish your digital magazine or catalog as WordPress plugin directly, and you are able to add the flipbook plugin into your WP website easily.


Joomla Extention Module

Publish digital publication as Joomla extention, then you can embed your digital flipbook extention into Joomla site without any complicated settings.


Drupal Module

After you finish creating your page flipping magazine or brochure in Flip PDF Professional, you can pubilsh it as a Drupal module and add it to your Drupal based website.


Create HTML Version

create basic HTML version for SEO

When you publish the book in HTML, EXE or APP format, you can also check this option to along create a basic HTML version. If you check this option, you will enable Flip PDF to extract the text from the source PDF file and convert to text file that can be crawled by search engines.


Burn to CD

burn to CD

After you choose an output type, check the option "Burn to CD", select a "CD Writer" and define "Disc title". Besides, you can also make the flipbook automatically play.

What is the difference between these 4 loading sequence options?

publish and loading sequence

Flash - HTML5

Flash and html output

Flash - HTML5 loading sequence means that Flip PDF software will create both Flash and HTML flipbook editons. This is the default option, because Flash based Flipbook can guarantee the best presentation quality of original PDF and contains Flash animation in Page Editor. The Flash edition flipbook works on the main broswers with Flash Player on desktops, laptops. On some mobile devices which Flash can't work, suck as iPad, iPhone and Android phones, the flipbook will switch to HTML5 editon automatically.


HTML5 - Flash

html and flash ourtput

If you choose HTML5 - Flash loading sequense when you publish a flipbook, the software will create two editions flipbook too. But HTML version is the preferential option when a flipbook is loading. For some devices, HTML5 could not work but Flash works, the Flash edition flipbook will be loaded automatically.


Flash Only

flash only

In Flash Only loading sequense mode, Flip PDF will publish Flash editon flipbook only. It means that the output flipbook cannot work on mobile devices(iPad, iPhone, mobile phones) which don't support Flash technology.


HTML5 Only

html only

If you choose HTML5 Only loading sequense, the output flipbook is HTML5 based only. The HTML5 editon flipbook is friendly to mobile devices, but some advanced features in Page Editor such as SWF animation, Flash will not work.


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