Output Interface:



Output types:

1. HTML Manual_design_output_html

This output type is for uploading created page-flipping ebook onto websites.

You can define HTML Title and other properties by clicking "Advanced" button:


Set Keywords, Description or even Script in the below interface:


2. ZIPManual_design_output_zip

This output type is for compressing the created files into an integral ZIP package which can be sending out as attachment directly.

You can also define HTML Advanced Settings by clicking "Advanced" icon: Manual_design_output_advance_icon

Your recipients just need to uncompress the ZIP file and then they can view the HTML flipbook instantly:


3. EXE Manual_design_output_exe

This output type is for outputting created flipbook as a single executive file, easy storing and easy viewing:


You can also define Icon and Opening Window Size in Advanced Settings:


4. APP Manual_design_output_app

If you want to make executable application to run on Mac devices, you can output as "*.app" format.

5. Mobile Version


You can even output Mobile Version while choosing HTML or ZIP format at the same time. And you can set Mobile Version quality and template in "Options->Application Options":

(1) Pages Quality and Size

Five types of "Pages Quality And Size" for mobile version eBooks:

(2) Mobile Template

The current version provides two mobile template modes for you to use: Slide and Single Page Flip. The later one adds page-flipping effect on the pages while viewing in mobiles.

After creating mobile versions, you just need to output all files online (including HTML, SWF, "files" and "mobile" folders), then you can visit the flipbook page through your mobile browser.

6. Burn to CD


After choosing output type, then check the option "Burn to CD", set "CD Writer", define "Disc title".


At last clickManual_design_output_convert_icon button to output flipbook in your defined type.


(About "How to make created eBooks available for others online", you can click here to view details.)

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