Import PPT Interface:

Chick "Create New" to build your own project, select template, define project name and location.

select template

You can select Template and Theme from the list, or go to "Online Templates" panel to download more templates and themes to use in Flip PPT Pro. More templates and themes online: .

Then click "Next" to enter into PPT Import interface:

import ppt

I. Source PPT File:

Manual-design-import-ppt-interface-browseClick this icon to open the PPT file you want to convert;

flip_ppt_open_it_icon View content of added PPT file to clarify before converting.

II. The Page Ranges to Import:

flip_ppt_import_all_pagesConvert all pages to page-flipping eBook;

flip_ppt_import_some_pagesConvert defined range page;

flip_ppt_import_10_pages Just preview effect on first 10 pages.

III. File Mode

Two modes for your choice:


IV. Page Quality

There are five types of "Quality And Size" for you to choose:


V. Other Options:

flip_ppt_import_link If your ppt file has links, check this to enable in flipbook;

flip_ppt_enable_search Check this option to enable search functionality in created flipbook.


At last, click flip_ppt_quick_start_import_now_icon icon to enter into template setting interface.


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