Application Options:

Click icon flip_printer_application_option_icon in setting interface to enter into Flip Printer Option interface:



The below instructions will show you details of each panel:

1. Watermark

2. Page Number

3. Trigger Event After Printing

4. Save Option

5. Page Layout

6. Flash

7. Render Engine

1. Watermark:

Check watermark option flip_printer_check_watermarkto choose default watermarks like "Text - CONFIDENTIAl" or "Image - LOGO", or edit new text or image watermarks:


2. Page Number:

Select "Page Number" on the top bar, and then check the optionflip_printer_check_page_number to set number types, number properties and so on:


3. Trigger Event After Printing:

Select "Trigger Event After Printing" to set what application to run automatically after the printing finishes, check the optionflip_printer_check_application , the default action is "Open the flash flipping book":


4. Save Option:

If you want to print your file into flipbook directly without choose output format and output path, check this option flip_printer_check_save, then define output type, output path and options in below interface:


5. Page Layout:

If you want to put two or more pages into one sheet of flipbook, you can set page layout (Num per Page and Margin):


6. Flash:

You can set page range which you want to convert, output page quality and enable search:
flip_printer_import_all_pagesConvert all pages to page-flipping eBook;
flip_printer_import_some_pagesConvert defined range page;

There are five types of "Page Quality" you can choose:


Check this optionflip_printer_enable_search to enable search functionality in created flipbook.

7. Render Engine

New version 3.0.0 provides 3 different render engines for you to create higher quality page-flipping eBooks, click "Options->Application Options" to enter into "Render Engine" interface:


SWF: Much legible characters, smaller output size;
GPL Ghostscript: Higher color transfer quality;
Inner Library: Faster convert speed.

(Change option when file converted failed)

At last, click "OK" to save all settings and back to the Template Setting interface.


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