Edit Page Interface:

You can use Flip PDF Pro to edit imported pages directly, no matter you want to add link, video, sound or image file.

Just click "Edit Pages" buttonflip_pdf_pro_edit_pages_button to enter into the editing interface:

Flip Shopping Catalog edit pages overview

You can insert links, images, sound files and movies to the pages as you will.

Panel Description:

1. Text Button

Click the icon text_buttonand then draw a button on a page, then define properties in below panel:


Define Button Text, set link URL, there are many different action options, like Go to page, Open a link, Call Javascript function, Open Flash window, Play Audio and Play Slideshow.


2. Price Icon

Click "Price" iconprice_icon.jpg to add price for products like this:


You can also edit the icon type yourself in Properties panel:



3. Add Product Photos

Click "Product Photos" iconphoto_icon.png to add images to pop-up in slideshow format:



4. Add Button from Resources

Flip Shopping Catalog also provides many nice and typical resources for you to use on ebooks. Click iconresource_icon.jpg to add the icons onto pages, you can also use your own icons:



5. Add Link:

Click the icon flip_pdf_pro_editpage_link_iconand then draw a link box on the area you want to add link, then define properties in below panel:


You can define the link action as "Go to page", or open an online webpage, or even "Call Javascript function" to carry out your wanted interactive functionalities via defining Javascript function yourself.. For example, you can show a pop-up light box while readers clicking some image on page, or pop-up a questionnaire or other Web Form by clicking some text.

Just make sure the parameter you set in "Function" can be called in from HTML page.


Check "Call Javascript function" as action type, then input Function as "testLightBox("Hello, this is a test"):


And then make sure the Javascript wrote into the page as below image shows (the same as you set in "Link Function"):



6. Add Movie:

Click icon flip_pdf_pro_editpage_movie_iconand then draw a box like below on the page you want to insert FLV movie:


Then you can select and edit the movie in below panel:



7. Add Image

Click the icon flip_pdf_pro_editpage_image_iconto draw image box and then select image (.jpg, .png, .bmp), set options:



8. Add Sound

Click the icon flip_pdf_pro_editpage_sound_iconto draw sound box and then select sound file, set other options:



9. Add Flash:

Click icon flip_pdf_pro_editpage_flash_iconto insert SWF flash into your defined area of flipbook page:



10. Add Button

Click iconflip_pdf_pro_editpage_button_iconto draw an area for inserting your image or SWF button file with calling actions. The actions contain "Go to page", "Open a link", "Call Javascript function" and "Open Flash Window". The before three actions are the same with the actions in "Add Link", the "Open Flash Window" can help you to play SWF Flash or FLV Video in the pop-up window:



11. Add You Tube Video

Click the icon flip_pdf_pro_editpage_youtube_iconand then draw a box on the page to insert You Tube video into pages directly. You just need to define the video ID directly. For example the video link is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKA6WIqjB7c, then the video ID is " xKA6WIqjB7c".



12. Add Printable Area

If you want readers can click on some area of your book to print the area directly, such as coupons which can be used to buy your presented goods, you can add a "Printable Area" on pages by clicking the icon print_area_icon, and then draw the area on the pages, set title and description:


13. Copy and Paste

If you want to add same links, images, videos, audios to different pages, you don't have to repeat the "Link/Image/Video/Audio added" operations once and once again, just select the link object, click the copy buttonflip_pdf_pro_editpage_copy_icon and then go to the other page to click the paste buttonflip_pdf_pro_editpage_paste_icon directly.


14. Apply All

If you want to use the same link, video, audio, image or button on all pages (or all odd, even pages, or your customized pages), you can select the object and then click the Apply All button flip_pdf_pro_editpage_applyall_icon, then define the apply page range in pop-up window like below:


After adding links, flash, movie or sounds, you can click the icon to save the settings and back to the template setting interface.


After adding links, flash, movie or sounds, you can click the icon flip_pdf_pro_editpage_saveexitto save the settings and back to the template setting interface.


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