Use Flip PDF Service:

If you want to convert books stored in some folder automatically, just use Flip PDF Service mode to complete conversion in background. Click "Hot Directory Service" in Project panel to install Flip PDF Service latest version first, then follow below steps to use the Service mode with ease:

1. Set Monitor Detail

Click "Add Folder" button to enter into Monitor Detail Setting window:


(1)Folder Setting

  • Monitor Directory: set directory to monitor, even Include Sub-Directory.
  • Output Directory: set output directory to store converted flip books.
  • Log File Directory: Log files will be saved as .log format, and all processing details will recorded in log files, such as when to monitor, which files have been processed, whether converting successfully or not.
  • (2)Flip Setting


    i.Choose output type: HTML, ZIP or EXE

    HTML type is for uploading created page-flipping ebook onto websites; ZIP format is for compressing the created files into an integral ZIP package which can be sending out as attachment directly; EXE type is for outputting flipbook as a single executive file, easy storing and easy viewing.

    ii.Output File Name and Caption

    After choosing output type, define file name for your books, the default name is "index", so the file name could be "index.html", "index.exe" or "". The caption is the book title of your HTML file, and the default value is the same as the File Name.

    iii.Flash Settings

  • (i)Template Name

    There are different pre-designed templates in the Service program, you can enter into "Select Template" interface to choose a proper one for your books (different monitor folders can use different templates):

    flash_settings_template_name new
  • (ii). TXT setting file

    You can use exported template setting TXT file to use in the Service mode directly.

    iv.Import Settings

    You can choose custom range pages to import and set import quality and size. Besides, you can choose "Import bookmark", "Import links", "Enable search" and "Create mobile version".

    2. Folder Settings

    In Flip PDF Service program, you can define different folders to monitor at the same time, with different flip settings, just click "Add Folder" to add the second or more monitor folders.


    Or you can edit existing monitor task, remove some task or clear all tasks.

    3. Start (Stop) Flip PDF Service

    In the Settings program, you can click "Start" or "Stop" to start or stop the Service. By default, the installed service will be started automatically when you reboot the computer. You can also start and shutdown the service from the Control Panel using the Services icon. When the service is started, it will create all the processes you defined in the settings one by one. When the service is shutdown, it will terminate each of the processes it created (in reverse order).



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