Language Option Interface:

Click "Options->Flash Language", you will enter into the Language Settings interface as below shows:


Panel Description:

As the tips explaining, the "Labeld" column lists the buttons and instructions on Flash books in defined language, and the program provides you five different languages for you to use: English, Chinese Arabic, French and Greek.


You can also add other language for your own uses:

1. Click the button Manual_design_language_new_icon and define name for the new language:


Click "OK" to save the new language in the list;

2. Choose the first label and click "Edit" icon, define new language text in "Labeled" box, then click "Save And Edit Next":


3. After translating all labels into your new language, you can get Labled column text as the below image shows:



You can delete some unwanted label: Manual_design_language_delete_icon

Or save your edited new language file as XML or TXT file: Manual_design_language_save_icon

Load language file saving before for current using: Manual_design_language_load_icon


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