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In the wake of developments in science and technology, everything has tried the best to keep constant pace with the times. Economic boom, advancements in civilization and continuing advent of new ideas are contribute a lot to the emergence of novel things. Traditional paper textbooks have been no longer suitable for the students than ever before. Time calls for the new alternative. Audio textbooks emerge at the right moment.

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What's Flip PDF?

Using Flip PDF, create audio textbook by your own. The audio could be played on each computer and even the CD/DVD players. It could be read online and offline and burned into CD/DVD. Sure you could share it via email to the students and teachers.

First and foremost, build a PDF file with the scanning image from the paper textbooks. Next, you could import it into the Flip PDF and begin the creating.

Simple and silent images may seem a little bit boring. Now, you could start to decorate the images or the textbook. Insert some animations to light up the pages. And texts insert could help describe the image. It is still available for inserting some other images into the textbook if you think it necessary.

What is worthy mentioned is that background music could be inserted into. Choose a appropriate song. Music can talk. It has the magic to attract the students. Furthermore, the videos shall be inserted into, too, for the sake of the interesting and the rich content of your textbook. Enjoy your creating.