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Make a delicious feast! Have you ever been very hungry that your stomach is beginning to gurgle? Then you must have the similar feeling that whatever you eat at that time you will feel you've owned the whole world and nothing can satisfy you more. So you can use the software Flip PDF, collect all the pictures of nice dishes and form them as a slider, upload the digital publication to the web, and attract more attentions!

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What's Flip PDF?

Use Flip PDF to make an amazing food brochure, experience an easy course to create surprising publication, no need to know any coding and programming knowledge, one can simply creat flipping magazine within a few minutes only with average computer technique.

Using the diverse brochure to tell the stories of the food, and the funny anecdote derived from the delicious dishes, play a video to illustrate how many processes needed to make a good dish, insert some background music playing around when the presentation begin.

Spread the practice of how to make a yummy taste, share with your friends and relative what new dish you have tried today, scatter the good mood for everyone who read this food brochure.