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Market is an unpredictable place, you don't know what will happen next second, and the trend is always changing in a very short period. Thus the businessmen have to response to the change quickly, know the first-hand information and data, make a right flexible strategy and change correspondingly for the first time.

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What's Flip PDF?

Flip PDF, namely, is PDF files showed up with a flipping form. The software is easy to learn and the flipping publication can be finished within few minutes.

For the marketing part, the most useful function of this software is the tracking function of Google Analysis. Users apply for a google analysis account, then embed the account number to the uploaded brochure, and on the google backstage they can check the relevant data about the reader: where the readers come from, which pages they are more likely to stay, how long they will stay on the page, they show more interests in which elements, their reading habit... all these feedback data will reflect some hints of the market in certain extent, which will be a great help for the marketing planning, area strategy, and even help to make a improve market publication to attract more readers.