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Graceful Wedding Catalog Inspiration

Wedding must be an invaluable and unique memory for one’s life, which is pretty important. Couples deserve to process a personal valuable flip wedding catalog. With this special catalog, gusts can know you well before your wedding ceremony. Also, they could have a brief look at the wedding arrangement.

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What's Flip PDF?

Firstly, some greetings and blessings words should be put in the cover of your catalog. You could enter your words with various fonts. Next, you can import a picture of you two in the middle of the cover.

After that, an arrangement list should be shown on the next page, making your ceremony processes understood by others. Background image could be imported to decorate the silent list. And, animations also can be a good choice to make your catalog vivid.

Next, some videos about wedding preparation work can be imported to make your gusts know more and feel interested about your ceremony. Furthermore, moderate videos can make gusts look forward to your ceremony.

Finally, a perfect song can be amazing embellishment to your catalog. You could import a romantic song to your catalog to give gusts an enjoyment. Hope you enjoy your creating in Flip PDF.