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Run my flip books online without a website

I have been a user of the Online Service ever since it was a test version. I uploaded my flip book online using your server because I don't have my own website. Till now, I have many books online. It's really helpful though I have to pay a small amount for it.

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Xmas discount

Thank you for the Christmas "gift". Just spent $19.80 and I am now a registered user of Flip PDF.

Mary W


Flip PDF Pro review…

What a powerful flipbook maker! Just does 99% of what I want

Karyn Borg


Thank you so much

I purchased your FlipBuilder and associated suite about a month ago. I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the product. It is easy to use and the out put is nothing short of fantastic. I have had rave reviews from my end users, they like what they see. I have reproduced out magazine and the majority of our Club manuals and Game rule books for online viewing. Eg. Annual Magazine Thank you so much for great products at such reasonable prices.

Marc Lodge


Flip PDF review

I have downloaded the flip pdf which is a marvellous product, and I am thinking of purchasing



Free trial

I downloaded the software, tried it and it worked great for me. So I will buy it.



Really cool

Looks really cool. Finally I can start writing. I thought it was the preserve of only a "gifted" few.



Page turning pdfs

I've been trying it out and it works really well. It's so cool to have the pdfs I post online "come to life" as a page turning pdfs.



Save my time, thank you

It's user-friendly and I can publish my book in less than ten mins…

Stephen Kreyling


Any way to go from Pro to Enterprise with the discount?

Great program, I use it to enhance and distribute a monthly magazine. One use that is nice, just get a free QR code software or buy one and then put the code on your materials you hand out, bus card, flyer, book, and the users can viewer the flipping information online on there tablets, and smart phones. Add in video, links, and social sharing.

the only thing I dont like is that you can not size the image on a smart phone, this is something that has not been available. Will be great if they can figure out the process to make this happen. I use a samsung note 2, so the size is not bad. but I really would like to zoom.

I also create a self contained Mac OSx book and a PC .exe book and share out the magazine for users who want to view on there own system and not the web.

I was hopping to get the enterprise that add the shopping cart feature at a discount, but so far, its still too high. I dont need to host my books on there servers, but like the complete set of tools to use when needed.

Overall its a very good program, updated all the time and features are well rounded.

I am using the pro version of the software.





They offer not only Windows version, but also version for Mac users, though the Mac version has bugs :)



Mac freezes while importing...

I use Flip PDF for Mac, it often stops working when importing PDFs, especially when it's a large file, any update?




Worked as stated. Fantastic!

Phil Harris


Thanks for the great software

Congratulations on making and developing what I believe to be an amazing product for all small business throughout the world.If you don't make lots of money from this software then you really are not getting it promoted well enough!Although I am (for the moment) only using the `test' version, and have only tested it for one evening! In the next few days (subject to a little assistance from your support people) I fully intend to upgrading to the paid version and more importantly will start to shout here in the UK about your amazing product that gives the user total control (as you say) at such a reasonable and fair price. Thank you for bringing a fantastic product to the world, you must succeed.

- Phil Harris, H&H Jewellers Displays Limited



Thank you

Just want to thank you guys. I used your Online Service, and it's really great for me. But have to tell you that the uploading is a little slow, would be much better if you can make it faster…you are awesome



Flip PDF is a Excellent flip-page software. Easy and customizable.

We compared many different flipbook options for our online magazine and always came back to this. Its ease of use and customization options, plus a fair price and excellent customer service before and after the sale make it a leader in its class. For the record, a pro version is also available which allows video and audio to be part of your flipbook, and lets you create internet links for non-URLs. We ultimately upgraded to the pro version, and it has performed flawlessly.



It keeps the PDF links

It keeps the PDF links after I created the flip book. Great!

Mike Wenzloff


Nice to find your products

I have several of this company's products, including Flip PDF Pro. Works extremely well--as do all the titles. FlipBuilder is a wonderful company to do business with and provide great support and service. Again, thank you



Thank you for your help

Every time I have problems, your support team is always there to help me. And your manuals, video tutorials and FAQs give me step by step instruction. Thank you for your considerate support and patient help. You are so great!!!




I had been comparing the flip book makers, but finally I chose Flip PDF. It's great, I like the smooth page flip effect, but sometimes on my iPad, it seems not to flip so smoothly.