Edit Page Interface:

You can use Flip PDF Pro to edit imported pages directly, no matter you want to add link, video, sound or image file.

Just click "Edit Pages" buttonedit_page_icon to enter into the editing interface:


You can insert links, images, sound files and movies to the pages as you will.

Panel Description:

1. Add Link:

Click the icon flip_pdf_pro_editpage_link_iconand then draw a link box on the area you want to add link, then define properties in below panel:


You can define the link action as "Go to page", or open an online webpage, or even "Call Javascript function" to carry out your wanted interactive functionalities via defining Javascript function yourself.. For example, you can show a pop-up light box while readers clicking some image on page, or pop-up a questionnaire or other Web Form by clicking some text.

Just make sure the parameter you set in "Function" can be called in from HTML page.


Check "Call Javascript function" as action type, then input Function as "testLightBox("Hello, this is a test"):


And then make sure the Javascript wrote into the index.html page as below image shows (the same as you set in "Link Function"):


2. Select Shape to Insert

You can draw shapes on pages as you want by clicking icon insert_shape. You can add below shapes:

(1). Line

Choose "Add Line" iconinsert line to draw line on pages, and then define options for the inserted line in right panel as you want. Like set Line Type as "Solid line" or "Dotted line", define Line Color, Width, Alpha, Position, Size, Shadow, and Effect (support "Fade In" at present):

(2). Add Arrow-line

Click "Add Arrow-line" iconarrowline_icon to draw arrow-line on pages. You can also define the arrow-line proportions, like color, width, alpha, position, size, etc.:

(3). Add Ellipse

Click "Add Ellipse" iconinsert_ellipseto draw ellipse on pages, you can also define options like actions, fill style, color, border, shadow, effect, etc. Action types include "Go to page", "Open a link", "Call Javascript function", "Open Flash /video Window", "Play Audio" or "Photo Slideshow".

(4). Add Rectangle

Click "Add Rectangle" iconinsert rectangle to draw rectangle on pages, you can also define options like actions as "Go to page", "Open a link", "Call Javascript function", "Open Flash /video Window", "Play Audio" or "Photo Slideshow". And define fill style, color, border, shadow, effect, etc:

(5). Add Highlight Area

Click "Add Highlight Area" icon insert_highlight.jpgto draw highlight on pages, you can also define options like actions as "Go to page", "Open a link", "Call Javascript function", "Open Flash /video Window", "Play Audio" or "Photo Slideshow". And define color, round rectangle, etc:

3. Add Text

You can edit different types text by clicking iconinsert_text:

(1). Add Plain Text

Click "Add Plain Text"insert_plain_text to insert text into pages, then edit text content in right edit panel, you can also define actions, font, color, background, effect, etc.


(2). Add Callout

Add callout text like dialog box, just click "Add Callout" icon insert_callout_text, input text and define actions:


(3). Add Animated Text

You can add text with different kinds of animated effect, such as Letter Spacing, Scale Word, Right To Left, Center to Edges, etc. Just click "Add Text Anim" iconinsert_anim_text_icon to add text and choose effect:


(4). Add Dynamic Text

To have your text scroll up a slide like the credits after films, just click "Add Dynamic Text" iconadd_dynamic_text_icon to add text and choose action:


(5). Add Star Words Text

To make your text more different, you can click "Add Star Words Text" icon add_star_words_text_iconto show text as below shows:


(6). Add Effect Text

To show text characters one after another, just click "Add Effect Text" icon page_edit_effect_text_button, input your text and choose style, font and define actions:

4. Select Image Displayer to Insert

(1). Add Image

Click the iconflip_pdf_pro_editpage_image_icon to draw image box and then select image (.jpg, .png, .bmp, .gif), set Action Options (the same as Link Action Options), you can also set "Make it zoom when mouse over or out" or "Add border when mouse over", and set Effect as "Fade In" or not:

(2). Add Embedded Slideshow

Click the icon "Add Embedded Slideshow"flip_pdf_pro_editpage_slideshow_icon to show your images as slideshow. The images are displayed one at a time and pan from one point to another. Suitable for photography slideshow for wedding, presentation, etc.. :

(3). Add Alpha Transition Banner

Show images as automatic slideshow resizable with alpha (transparency) transition effect add_alpha_transition_banner_icon, you can also set shadow, image size and transparent value.

(4). Add Carousel Viewer

Add images to show in carousel viewer add_carousel_viewer_icon, you can also set background color and border color.

(5). Add Clipart

You can add clipart on pages to decorate pages of your book by clicking "Add Clipart" add clipart, and there are multiple PNG format cliparts for you to add on pages directly, such as computer, animal, dialogue, characters:

(6). Add Banner
Show images one by one with banner flipping effect add_banner_icon, you can set actions for banner images.

(7). Add Dynamic Turn Photo
Show images in different rotation effects add_dynamic_turn_photo_icon, you can set background color, border color for photos.

(8). Add Dynamic Show Photo
Show images in dynamic positions add_dynamic_show_photo_icon, and you can set border of images.

(9). Add Rotation Photo for 3D
Add 2 or more images to show with flash effect add_rotation_photo_for_3d_icon, double click to flash play automatically, one-click to stop, you can click "Arrow" buttons to change image.


5. Add Camera

Show details of an image like camera show add_camera_icon, you can add multiple layers to show different details with frame move and stop effect.

Add camera on some area of the image, then you can extract other area to show as second, third layers. You can also add image, movie, text, shape, flash on images to show as you want.

6. Add Movie

Click icon flip_pdf_pro_editpage_movie_iconto choose movie player type, and then draw a box like below on the page you want to insert FLV/F4V/MP4 movie. Then you can select and edit the movie in below panel (define video player skin color, preview image, play and stop movie actions, etc.):

VII. Add Sound

You can add different sound players by clicking icon "Select Sound Player to Insert" flip_pdf_pro_editpage_sound_icon. You can choose Player Skin for all kinds of sound player, set skin color, when to play or stop the sound:


8. Add Flash:

Click icon flip_pdf_pro_editpage_flash_iconto insert SWF flash into your defined area of flipbook page, there are different types of SWF files provided for you to use directly, such as tree, birds, cloud, butterfly, etc.:


9. Add Button

Click iconflip_pdf_pro_editpage_button_iconto draw an area for inserting your image or SWF button file with calling actions. The actions contain "Go to page", "Open a link", "Call Javascript function" and "Open Flash Window". The before three actions are the same with the actions in "Add Link", the "Open Flash Window" can help you to play SWF Flash or FLV Video in the pop-up window:


10. Add You Tube Video

Click the icon flip_pdf_pro_editpage_youtube_iconand then draw a box on the page to insert You Tube video into pages directly. You just need to define the video ID directly. For example the video link is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKA6WIqjB7c, then the video ID is " xKA6WIqjB7c".


11. Add Printable Area

If you want readers can click on some area of your book to print the area directly, such as coupons which can be used to buy your presented goods, you can add a "Printable Area" on pages by clicking the icon print_area_icon, and then draw the area on the pages, set title and description:


12. Copy and Paste

If you want to add same links, images, videos, audios to different pages, you don't have to repeat the "Link/Image/Video/Audio added" operations once and once again, just select the link object, click the copy buttonflip_pdf_pro_editpage_copy_icon and then go to the other page to click the paste button flip_pdf_pro_editpage_paste_icondirectly.

13. Apply All

If you want to use the same link, video, audio, image or button on all pages (or all odd, even pages, or your customized pages), you can select the object and then click the Apply All button flip_pdf_pro_editpage_applyall_icon, then define the apply page range in pop-up window like below:

14. Add/ Delete/ Reorder Pages

If you want to add more pages to your existing project, or delete some page, change order of pages, the buttons on the left panel box to add (JPG, PNG or SWF), delete or reorder:
manage pages


After adding objects, click "Save and Exit" flip_pdf_pro_editpage_saveexitto save the settings and back to the template setting interface.


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