Output Interface:



There are 3 Output types you can choose:

1. HTML is for uploading created page-flipping ebook onto websites. You can define File Name, Title, Keywords, Description and Add Scripts for your created page-flipping eBook by clicking "Advanced" button:



2. ZIP is to help you output all flipbook files and folders in zip package that you can easy email as attachment. You can also set Advanced details for HTML book page.


3. APP is to make executable application to run on Mac devices. And you can also set Title, Version, Identifier and Window Size for your APP book in "Advanced" setting window:



You can also check option "Also make mobile version" if output in HTML or ZIP type. There are different mobile version modes, such as "Slide" or "Flip". After you publish all output files and folders online, readers can view your book in the browser of iPad, iPhone and Android devices.



At last click publish_iconbutton to output flipbook in your defined type.

(About "How to make created eBooks available for others online", you can click here to view details.)

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