Quick Start

1. Launch


Launch the application via the desktop shortcut;

2. Create New Project


Click "Create New" button to open Import window;

3. Import PDF

Click the "Browse.." icon browse PDF file to browse and select a PDF file, and then click the "Import Now" icon import icon.

4. Customize Flipbook

save custom settings

Customize the eBooks with template, theme, custom settings and so on; and then click the "Apply Change" icon;

5. Add Multimedia

edit page with multimedia

Click the "Edit Pages" icon to open Page Editor and you can add multimedia (e.g., local video, YouTube, Vimeo, audio, images) to the flipbook.

6. Publish Flipbook

upload flipbook to FlipBuilder Server

Click the "Upload Online" icon to publish the flipbook online using FlipBuilder Online Services;

publish flipbook to local computer

or the"Publish" icon to publish the page-flipping eBook to your local computer.

You can view your created page-flipping book via Web Browser, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.


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