Manage Online Books


manage online books



You can share the book via social networks or email.

Besides, you can embed the flipbook publication to your website by copying and pasting the embed code to your HTML web page.



Open the flipbook and view it in default browser.


Copy Link

Copy the book link and share it with others.


Book Detail

Modify Book information

You can change title and description for the flipbook. And you can also set it as public or private.


Show the flipbook in your bookcase and you can add label to the flipbook.

Online Shop

You can sell your book online with PayPal integrated. Click the "Account Setting" button to customize account settings: PayPal settings, thank you page settings and contact info.


Add to Category

When you upload the flipbook to FlipBuilder Cloud Host, Flip PDF will add the book to the default category by default. And you can create new collections for different book types by right clicking on any category and then select "New Collection" in the pop-up box. Then you will see below window where you can define title and description for the new collection.

And then you can select a book in a category and add to another category with ease. Also, you can modify details (title and description) or delete existing categories.


Move Up

Select a book and move it upwards.


Move Down

Select a book and move it downwards.


Move Top

Select a book and move it to the top of the category.


Move Bottom

Select a book and move it to the bottom of the category.


Disable Book

Once you select a book and select "Disable Book" option, you will see below window. And once you disable the book, it won't show up and can't be accessed by readers. But if you want it to be accessible again, you just need to enable it again.


Delete Book

If you don't need a book any more, you can delete it from you collections. And the book will be no longer available to anyone including you. And if you want it to show up again, you will have to upload it again, but the URL will not be the same one as it was.


Add External Online Book

In addition to uploading flipbooks created by our software, you can also add external online books. You just need to input the Book URL, select a book cover and input total number of pages. Besides, you can customize title and description for the external online book and show it on your bookcase.


Batch Add PDF Books

You can convert a batch of PDF files into flipbooks and upload them to FlipBuilder Online Server.


Continue to Upload

If you pause the upload process, you can continue to upload the flipbook.



You can download the book and open it in the software so you can modify, publish it to local or upload it online.


Export Books

You can export the books to a CSV file that shows book title, file size and upload time of each book.


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