Quick Start

1. Launch


Launch the application via the desktop shortcut;

2. Create New Project


Click "Create New" button to open Import window;

3. Import PDF

Click the "Browse.." icon browse PDF file to browse and select a PDF file, and then click the "Import Now" icon import icon.

4. Customize Flipbook

save custom settings

Customize the eBooks with template, theme, custom settings and so on; and then click the "Apply Change" icon;

5. Publish Flipbook

upload flipbook to FlipBuilder Server

Click the "Upload Online" icon to publish the flipbook online using FlipBuilder Online Services;

publish flipbook to local computer

or the"Publish" icon to publish the page-flipping eBook to your local computer.

You can view your created page-flipping book via Web Browser, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.


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