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Digital School Yearbook Maker

Create Paperless Animated Mobile School Yearbook to Reach your Audience Everywhere.

Digital School Yearbook Demo

Every year students print their school yearbook and share with schoolmates and friends. Although printed version yearbooks are treasure full of wonderful memories, they have obvious disadvantages compared with digital ones. Digital school yearbook makers like Flip PDF Pro have revolutionized yearbook creating and changed the way publishers work; and they have also brought fresh ideas for yearbook creation.

Eco-friendly & cost-effective

Unlike traditional yearbook publishing, digital yearbook creators display your school year of memory in digital way, saving tons of paper and thousands of green plants. Besides, publishing yearbooks in digital form can save your money because this avoids expensive printing costs. And with a digital school yearbook maker, you are able to create unlimited digital yearbooks and iPad reading yearbooks.

eco-friendly and cost-effective digital yearbook

Flexible & user-friendly

Publishing a school yearbook in print has limitations and requires you to follow the print rules strictly, while digital publishing is flexible. With a digital yearbook maker, you can easily create a school yearbook by your own, and you are able to create a highly customizable yearbook in three steps: import PDF, customize yearbook and publish.

easy to publish digital yearbook in 3 steps

Creative ideas to intuitive expression

The digital yearbook publisher does not simply enable you to create a electronic yearbook, and what's more, it helps you to convert your creative ideas to intuitive expression. Imagine you are able to enrich the yearbook with video, audio, flash, photo slideshow and so on.

media-rich digital yearbook

Accessible anytime and anywhere

Digital technology makes it possible to share your yearbook with people from all around the world through Internet. In addition, you can enable your yearbook to be shared on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. And the mobility of the digital yearbook allows readers to access your yearbook on iPad, iPhone, Android and other mobile devices anytime and anywhere.

read digital school yearbook on mobile devices and social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and so on