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About Us

At FlipBuilder, we specialize in providing innovative and professional digital publishing solutions. Our program and hosting service are designed to be user-friendly and comprehensive, making it easy for you to convert your static PDFs into dynamic online flipbooks.

From design to distribution, with just a few simple steps, you can get a stunning flipbook: Import PDF, set up the book, upload and share it!

If you are interested in publishing a variety of multi-page documents such as eBooks, online magazines, newspapers, business brochures, corporate reports, event leaflets/flyers, annual reports, newsletters, educational books, interactive books, sales slicks, product catalogs, or other similar documents, then the FlipBuilder program is an excellent choice.

Choose FlipBuilder for your digital publishing needs and enjoy a hassle-free experience in creating dynamic and engaging flipbooks.

Our History

FlipBuilder was established in 2007, with its first product series consisting of Flip PDF, Flip PDF Professional, and Flip PDF Corporate Edition. These products were developed using Flash and HTML technology, with the aim of transforming static PDFs into engaging and interactive flipbooks that can be easily accessed by individuals from anywhere. And this has also become our consistent goal.

In 2010, FlipBuilder added a hosting service to make it simpler for users to share their flipbooks.

We hear you and are never stop getting better. In 2021, we launched our second product series (Flip PDF Plus, Flip PDF Plus Pro, and Flip PDF Plus Corporate), which were developed entirely from scratch and using only HTML. This series of products has also received support from a large number of users, further expanding our user base.

FlipBuilder is constantly striving to enhance its products and services, and to meet the changing needs of our users.