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Create Responsive Media-rich Page Turning Shopping Catalog for Successful Business.

Interactive Catalog Demo

Original plain PDF catalogs are no longer attractive and persuasive enough to get readers go through your publications. To cater to the increasing needs of your readers, you should forget about the old fashion PDF publications. Instead, you should try something new to ignite the passion of your readers. Page turn or page flip, is the technology that can bring life to your original PDF catalogs by endowing the publications a dynamic page turning animation that gives readers an experience of rotating printed material.

Being one of the most popular page turning PDF makers, Flip PDF does not only allow you to turn PDF magazines and catalogs into page flipping publications, but also bring you some other benefits:

Multimedia to enhanced reading experience

Rather than a dull PDF magazine, a digital one with realistic page turning effect can impress your readers greatly because this simulates how a paper shopping catalog flips. In addition, the integration of audio-visual multimedia elements to the shopping catalog makes it more interactive: video, audio, SWF, image slideshow and so on. And compared with a PDF catalog, a page turning publication offers readers more flexible ways to flip through the whole catalog: page buttons, mouse click, mouse drag, mouse wheel, thumbnails, table of contents and page links.

enhanced reading experience

Multiscreen support to expand audience

One fatal factor of the declining business is that they fail to reach the audience who use IOS computers, iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and smartphones. Making your shopping catalog only accessible to the desktop users is not competitive enough, you should also think about audiences from multiscreens. The ability to reach the billion mobile users will make your digital shopping catalog and business a success.

multiscreen support

SEO friendly publications

One of the biggest advantages of creating a page turning catalog is that the entire content of your PDF publication is extracted and indexed by search engines, which means when readers search keywords on Google and other search engines, they will find your shopping catalog. Besides, you are able to set meta tags such as title and description for SEO purpose. Just make your title striking!

seo friendly flipbook