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Demos Created by Interactive Catalog Creator

iPhone 6 catalog demo

iPhone6 Catalog

hermes catalog

Hermes Catalog

handgraf catalog demo

Handgraf Catalog

bazaar catalog demo

Bazaar Catalog

Multilanguage in software interface

How to define one humanized and user— friendly catalog maker? A catalog maker that supplies 11 languages must be one of them. Flip PDF Professional enables users to customize the language of software interface. On this way, you can set it as the native language, which highly improve your working efficiency. (11 languages: English, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Arabic, French, German, Korean, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish. )

Batch Convert PDFs

There is no easier way to make a digital catalog but converting PDFs directly. Suppose you want to combine several PDFs to one digital catalog.  It will be a headache before you know Flip PDF Pro. This professional catalog maker supports import several PDFs at the same time. After that, you can reorder the page according to practical situation.

Create once, publish everywhere

With this catalog maker, you can easily share your catalog to most of the platforms. Just one catalog creation but get published everywhere. How can that be? Import the PDFs to begin editing your catalog with rich media, finally publish it to PC, mobile device like iPhoe, iPad, Android tablet or share it through SNS like Facebook, Twitter, INS and more. Simply and quickly spread your jewelry catalog anytime and anywhere.

Customize with pre-designed templates

Apply one template in the material library and you can begin customize. Each template is accompanied with different animated scene and background. Moreover, you can choose the plugins in your catalog: banner, news-rotator, news ticket, photo slider, scroller, music player, YouTube banner, etc. Besides, you can modify the images, background music, eBook logo and more other details of your catalog in Flip PDF Pro.

Magic slideshow gallery

Flip Page Editor processes a wonderful function: Slider. You can import a series of images, and choose one kind of slider to show your images. With such an images gallery, you can show more pictures about your themes and saving you space of catalog. Little space with great wisdom. Furthermore, different Slider is designed for different requirements.

Create responsive jewelry catalog with interactive catalog maker

Rich multi-media

Easily insert various kinds of media into the booklet.

Cloud platform

Upload your eBooks on FlipBuilder servers.

Mobile friendly

Publish and distribute your catalog to mobile devices.

Photo gallery

Choose a Slider for wonderful photo gallery.

Share via SNS

Easily share your booklet via Facebook, Twitter and more.

Shopping experience

Ecommerce in eBooks.

Flip PDF Pro is the outstanding software for catalog making and publishing. Pick up this software to enjoy the wonderful experience of designing and sharing digital catalog with people from the world.