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School yearbooks are collections of memories for a life time, covering a variety of topics from daily life, sport games, academics and other major events of the school. You have a lot of experiences to share, and you have a lot of sweet memories to record. Yet your school year is special and different from those of others, so your school yearbook should be unique too. And it’s inspiring to share your yearbook among your schoolmates, teachers, friends and parents, enabling them to access your creativity on iPads, smartphones and social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Creating a school yearbook takes time and effort, and it requires even more to make your digital yearbook look inspiring. But with a DIY yearbook maker, you can easily publish a highly customizable school yearbook that shows your creativity. Flip PDF Plus is an online yearbook publisher that enables you to create engaging page flip yearbooks from PDFs.


DIY – Make custom school yearbook

On one hand, Flip PDF Plus allows you to convert PDF files and images to attractive yearbook with realistic page flipping effect. On the other hand, this yearbook creator provides you with full control to create a highly customizable yearbook. You can choose different template, theme, background, animated scene and plugin; you can add creative logo; you can insert lyrical background music; you can choose hardcover for the yearbook and so on. Do it yourself!

Rich media – Interact with audiences

It’s very common to see text and images in a yearbook, and it’s indeed easy to do that. And with the help of Flip PDF Plus, you can even add videos, photo slideshow and other multimedia elements to the yearbook. Imagine when audiences turn to the sport event, they can watch the basketball match. This visual and interactive experience can really inspire the audience.


Mobile support

If you want to share something, get it online! And with the popularity of mobile devices, it’s a good idea to make your school yearbook run on mobile. Your audiences can access your wonderful publication anytime and anywhere with their iPads, iPhones, Android tablets, smartphones and other portable devices.

Social share

Your schoolmates and friends are frequent visitors on the social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter; so why not share your yearbook on these popular platforms? Your creative yearbook will become the hot issue around the campus!