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Magazine Publishing Solution

The Professional Program You Need to Publish Interactive Magazines fron PDF Documents.

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We now living in the world surrounded with multi rich-media. Amazing videos, music, images are exactly something that makes our life wonderful. So when we come to the solution of digital publishing, we’d always think if it’s possible add those gorgeous rich media in our digital publications. For sure! Flipbuilder is a professional digital publishing program that offers comprehensive media embedding tools including YouTube video, audio, images, hyperlink, and many other animating items. Your digital magazine will rock among readers and impresses them so much not only because it is made with real page turning effects, but because it could be enhanced with multiple grand rich media items. Our philosophy is that our program can be made to better the world and better the life of people.

Why we need rich media on digital publications.

Psychologically, people can easily get tired of monotonous items that have no pics, sounds, and colors. Even though converting dull PDF files into page turning e-books is quite good, but not perfect. To try to achieve huge reader engagements and follow the trend of contemporary world, digital publishing program is supposed to be made with the functionality that allows users to customize rich media items.

What do rich media serve for?

Rich media items are primarily meant to engage readers. But different items have their own specific functions. Tutorial video allows your readers to better understand your products of your company. Lovely background music can efficiently inspire shop behavior. Hyperlinks are necessary because they lead readers to your web store. The more rich media items you add, the more interactive and powerful your magazine will be.