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Create Impressive Page Turning online Annual Report with Rich Media Content Easily.

Online Annual Report Demo

If you run a private company, then you don't have to write annual report. It depends on you. If your business is publicly traded, then you must complete an annual report for publications. Then what's annual report? An annual report is year-end comprehensive document to summarize the financial status of a corporation or non-profit. However, the requirement of an annual report always including a report from auditor, financial statements and so on. Anyway, why is so important for a business?

First of all, it helps redefine core strategies. You can know better what everything is going easily. Then you can understand your business and place in the competitive landscapes by using the annual report. Next is to set goals for the coming year based on last performance. These factors make an annual report important for a business. Then do you want to create a really awesome and impressive annual report for your audience? If you do, then you have to try this digital publication tool.

Flip PDF Professional is wonderful digital publication software for creating page flip online annual report. If you want to enrich your annual report with rich media content and professional, then it can help you a lot. As we know that a cover plays an important role in an annual report. Then Flip PDF Professional can help you create a hard cover with outstanding images, text and so on.

With Flip PDF Professional, you can mark something important with highlight color, shape tool. You are able to insert video into annual report to make your narrative statements attractive and reliable. Image Gallery will help you a lot to show your date when you are in financial statements section. All in all, Flip PDF Professional is useful annual report book software. It is quite easy to make and simple to embed into the website.