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Create Impressie, Dynamic Digital Magazines to Develop Readers via Search Engine.

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Today’s paper will explore how to publish impressive search engine friendly online magazine and make your magazine searchable by Google, Bing & Yahoo. Many businesses have changed the content transformation platform, from printed to online digital version. They have lots of online digital book assets. These may include magazine, brochure, annual report, look book and so on. Publish these books to online is just a beginning, not the end. You still need to find a way to make more people know and read your book. For online magazine/brochure/catalog, make your book searchable and then let your content get found by Google, Bing & Yahoo is the way I suggested.

How to make searchable online magazine?


You should optimize your online magazine to get index in Google. However, not everyone has the time, budget and expertise to do that. How can I make searchable online magazines in the simplest way? There is a fully functional and simple to use search engine friendly magazine maker: Flip PDF Professional software. With using this software, you can not only publish impressive search engine (Google, Bing & Yahoo) friendly online magazine, but also make your book easily search by people online.

Some Tips of making searchable magazine with using Flip PDF Professional:


1. Enable full text search while designing

Online magazine search feature allows readers to type relevant keywords to search the specific word, phrase and sentence. Check the enable search option before importing is necessary, or you cannot enable search feature. After imported, enable show search button on toolbar.

2. SEO HTML Meta Title and description

Flip PDF Professional software integrates with upload online feature. You can directly publish online magazine with using this feature. The title and description of online magazine is the key for search. So before publish, you should define a SEO HTML Meta title and description, this action help to make your magazine searchable. Let more people know your magazine have never been easier.