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Download Flash Magazine Software and Bring Static PDF Magazines to Life.

Flash Magazine Demo

Flipbuilder has flexible outputting formats for you to choose to publish your creation on different platforms. You can make it as flash so as to be read on PC, or make it as HTML5 to reach mobile users. Whatever it is, the very program means to bring life to your PDF publications and make it to be vivid page turning e-books with amazing appearance and convenient navigations. Flipbuilder helps rid nearly all the disadvantages of PDF publications. It creates Flash digital publications that not only have huge aesthetic effects, but achieve considerable business value. Your digital publication can be ideal advertising tools which are so that inspiring and they’ll be so easy to be distributed into every place in the world. If you want to have a first-hand experience of e-book making, you may simply download a free version and the e-book making process requires no specific computer skills at all!

Why PDF publications work out bad?

Conventionally people use PDF publications to advertise their products or services. But generally PDF contains all dull pages and hardly inspires shop behavior. More importantly, PDF publications cannot be viewed before having them downloaded so it does not effectively deliver information to customers. With the boom of e-commerce, we’re urged to bring those dull PDF publications into life and create gorgeous animating digital publications.

Create a flash e-magazine to be read on PC.

If your target clients are PC users, you may choose to make your digital publication as a flash. Flipbuilder is a professional flash e-magazine maker and it makes high quality flashes with grand interactivity. Once you’ve created a flash e-magazine, you may read it on your PC or add it as plug-in to your websites and it helps tremendously boosts your web traffic.

Enhance its interactivity by embedding rich media tools

One of the greatest qualities of flipbuilder is that it allows users to continuously enhance its functionality with no limitations. After you’ve created a vivid page turning e-book project on flipbuilder, you are able to enhance its interactivity by adding YouTube video, audio, links, pics. All these tools can be well integrated into your page contents.

Distribute your e-magazine worldwide

You may simply online publish your creation to achieve the effective distribution. You publications will be advanced HTML5 format and people in the world can read’em through any kinds of devices. To print PDF magazine into paper magazine to your clients eats a large sum of your marketing budgets. So let's dump PDF files and try the mesmerizing digital page turning magazines!