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Multimedia Yearbook Software

Combine All of Your Happy School Memories into Shareable Video Yearbook.

Multimedia Yearbook Demo

A school yearbook tells the exciting moments, big events or other beautiful memories of the whole school year. A well-designed yearbook resonates with other schoolmates. However, it usually takes time to make a good enough school yearbook and sometimes it is costly. But with comprehensive multimedia yearbook software, it's quite easy to create an outstanding digital school yearbook with YouTube video. And Flip PDF Pro can help you to combine all of your school memories into a shareable video-enriched yearbook.

User friendly

With the help of an easy-to-use yearbook maker, you will be an expert in this field of yearbook creation. You don't need to master programming skills and you don't even need to do any coding, but you will be able to reach professional level results with the user friendly interface. You are able to publish an outstanding digital yearbook in only 3 steps: import file, customize yearbook and publish the yearbook.

create digital school yearbook in 3 steps

Time saving

The user friendly interface of the yearbook maker enables users to create digital school yearbook without any of the complex and needless steps, which saves users a lot of time. Simple as it is, Flip PDF Pro allows you to create attractive yearbooks with professional pre-designed templates and sophisticated design tools it provides.

save time with digital yearbook creator

Highly customizable

Flip PDF Pro does not simply convert your PDF yearbook into a page flipping yearbook, but also provides your with a variety of powerful custom tools which enables you to create highly customizable school yearbook. You can use different templates, themes, backgrounds, animated scenes; insert background music; change the font and color; add your creative logo and so on.

customize school yearbook


To help you make your digital yearbook look more professional and engaging, Flip PDF Pro offers you a media-enriched feature which allows you to add YouTube videos, Vimeo videos, local videos, audio files, flash, images/photo slideshows and other multimedia elements to the digital yearbook.

add video and other multimeida elements to yearbook