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Impressive booklets – insert multi-media

With Flip PDF Pro For Mac, you can insert images, audio, videos links and more into the booklet. What makes your digital booklet extraordinary? The answer must be multi-media. Add colorful images to add color to booklet. Audio and video make a perfect combination of auditory and visual enjoyment, attaching first attention from your audiences and easily improve pageviews. Add links for the key words for more information of your business. With Hot Spots, you can underline the important content and drive traffic to your website or E-commerce shop. Activate your digital booklet with ease.

Bravo reading experience from mobile booklet

HTML5 output format is allowed in this booklet maker. With this function, you can promote your business in booklet to people who prefer to read information on their iPad, iPhone or Android tablets. Never worry about losing this type of audience. On account of this reason, you can deliver the extraordinary reading experience to audiences on both PC and mobile devices, which means your booklet made by Flip PDF Pro For Mac can be read and distributed among people in the world. It totally international and interactive.

Abundant material – templates, layouts

One of the impressive features of the booklet maker is its powerful material library. You can definitely apply the template, layout, background and more material to customize your booklet. There are free templates like Free Gorgeous Template, Free Active Template, Free Specific Template, Free Lucid Template, Free Facile Template, Free Handy Template and more. Different template has different style on book layouts, tool bar settings, and background configurations. Choose one template according to your theme.

Share booklet via social network

SNS is becoming more and more popular among people especially the young. So why not trying to share your booklet via social network like Twitter, Facebook, Google and more? As in the following your booklet is spread and forwarded to tons of people who are font of playing SNS. It’s easy and quick.

Branding your business

Nothing is better than image to make one impression remembered simply and intuitively. Thus, add your own logo to the booklet undoubtedly be the best way to let your business image remembered. Improve your brand awareness through your audiences. What's more, you are allowed to add company picture gallery, brand button and hot spots intergated with hyperlinks into your brochure page, which makes your content interactive and tells a lively brand story to inspire your readers.

Make extraordinary booklet with Flip PDF Pro For Mac

Abundant templates

Apply free template for customization.

Rich multi-media

Easily insert various kinds of media into the booklet. .

Share via SNS

Easily share your booklet via Facebook, Twitter and more.


Highly customize and edit a booklet.

Hyperlink for more sales

Insert hyperlink for products and keywords.

Mobile friendly

Read and distribute flipping book on mobile.

Flip PDF Pro For Mac must be the guaranteed software for you to edit and publish impressive booklet that can attach attention from all the people around. Design with the powerful function of inserting multi-media and material library. Output the booklet that adapt to any device.