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Amazing 3D page flip effect

It is not a new idea of using 3D flipbook to improve the reading experience today. The flipping digital publications can attract more readers with its engaging features. This could be the cause of the newly popularizing phenomenon of converting PDF to flipping book.

Flip PDF Plus is an excellent tool that allows you to convert PDF to 3D flipbook. It is a simple and free conversion that saves your time effectively. If you want to beautify the flipbook, there are multiple templates and themes for you to customize the flipbook. Within a matter of minutes, the fascinating 3D page flip publication is carried out.

HTML5 digital publications

The 3D PDF converter helps you to convert, customize and enhance your PDF to flipbook with the interactive features that are viewable on a PC, Mac, tablet, iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Besides, its cloud platform can hold all your digital flipbooks online which can instantly reached via a web browser utilizing HTML5 on any mobile devices. Anytime, anywhere, any reader can view it freely.


Sharing & social media integration

It is essential that your amazing flipbooks keep close to the life. Using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter will make this become a reality. Flip PDF Plus is friendly to social media that enables readers to share the content at a click of button. Additionally, the digital content can also be delivered to friends through emails.

Interactive content solution

Flip PDF Plus provides users an interactive content solution to engage more readers. Its powerful page editor allows you to embed all types of static and dynamic content instantly. In order to make the flipbook more interactive, you can insert intuitive videos, related audios and products images to the flipbook. It is also possible for you to achieve animation effect to the inserted objects.


Offline reading version

The interactive content is not limited in reading online. It is up to the designers. The 3D page flip publications can also be printed. What’s more, you can publish as exe or app format for desktop reading without the internet connection. Of course, it is wise to burn your digital flipbook onto a DVD/CD as a giveaway at trade shows and conventions.

There are million of reasons to choose this 3D PDF Converter

Realistic page flip effect

Turn PDF to 3D flipbook with amazing page flip effect in minutes.

Add bookmark

Use bookmarks to help the readers easily find what they want.

Cloud publishing

Upload to cloud platform if you do not have your own server.

Interactive content

Enrich content with videos, audio and images in Page Editor.

Switch language

Support multi-language interface and users can freely change to his mother tongue.

Online and offline version

Distribute your interactive content with the multiple formats for reading conveniently.

Achieve animation effect

Attract and engage more readers with the dynamic animation effect.

Read on mobile

Readers are available to reach the page flip publications with any mobile devices.

Social media integration

Share your content on social networks to increase brand’s visibility and awareness.

Are you afraid of lagging behind the advanced digital publishing technology? Flip PDF Plus is the 3D PDF converter that helps you to make the stunning page flip publications with the interactive content. It is going to be upgraded with much more strong functions to meet the various needs of users.