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Nowadays, along with the rapid development of technology, people prefer to get the information and exchange the experience online rather than offline. Anyway, as we know that reading is one of the effective ways to get more information of anything. Since the development of society, more and more digital publications appear in front of us for us to choose. Digital web magazine is one of the wonderful digital publications to spread the latest information. Then do you know some really practical online magazine builder to create digital publications for your product or service?


Here we would like to recommend you an easy to use online magazine builder. That's Flip PDF from flipbuilder.com. It is powerful to convert PDF to digital publication such as digital catalog, digital brochure, digital magazine and e-book with realistic page turning effect. It is amazing to read the page flipping digital publication on desktop and mobile devices. It is awesome to be shared to network such as social media websites with ease. You can talk about the hot news with your friends in a creative and inspiring way. What's more, the interactive magazines can be published as html file and view as digital web magazine.

View on Desktop and Mobile Devices

Reading page turning digital web magazine on mobile device is one of the outstanding features of Flip PDF. It supports desktop version and mobile devices contains iPad, iPhone, Android devices. And there is no doubt that digital web magazine made by Flip PDF can be viewed on mobile devices clearly and smoothly as long as you upload it online.