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Competition exists, that’s the reality. And even in the field of education, schools deal with the same topic: they have to rack their brains to gain favor from students and their parents. But my question is: Do their strategies really work, effectively? Bearing in mind this question, I bring out today’s topic: impress the target audience on mobile with attractive school brochure.

Before they choose a school, students and their parents will need to “see through” the school; they will want to know everything of the school, including general introduction, strength, ranking, culture. So, the next question is how to present all these info to the target audience as widely as possible? Have you ever thought that a mobile friendly digital school brochure could be the answer? With four out of five netizens going online on mobile, it’s effective and necessary to make your school brochure accessible to mobile devices. And as typical trend followers, students spend more time on mobile reading. The mobile school brochure can increase your exposure.


However, simply reaching the target audience can’t guarantee you their choosing your school. It’s very important to show them the best of your side. Yet, you have so much to show, how can you make them keep their eyes on your content-rich brochure until finishing reading it? Make it impressive, encouraging and interactive!

Flip PDF Plus can be your great helper on this. On one hand, this digital publishing software can help you create mobile friendly school brochures with lifelike page flipping effect. On the other hand, Flip PDF Plus will enable you to empower the brochure with rich media. You don’t need to put on the pages endless words that bored the readers; on the contrary, engage them with visual videos, fresh images and other interactive multimedia elements.