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Inspire Your Customers on Mobile Devices with Creative Mobile Magazine or Catalog.

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The world now has exactly gone mobile! It’s been studied that the number of mobile user has been more than 3.3 billion, far beyond that of PC owners. The statistics shows that there will be so many commercial opportunities in mobile users. Since people now in the world are more willing to access to information on mobile devices, marketers or business owners can exactly use mobile platforms to well promote their business. Compared with other marketing channels, mobile platforms obviously are more advantageous. And to market your business on mobile devices, let’s go mobile publishing!

Mobile publishing brings promising business future.

A large number of mobile users means a large number of potential clients. Mobile publishing is an ideal method that efficiently delivers your product information to your target clients. FlipBuilder is a premium digital publishing program that creates hugely shop inspiring page turning mobile publication.


Mobile publishing saves your marketing costs.

Conventional marketing channels, such as TV advertising, paper printings, require a large sum of marketing fees. Sometimes the advertising can even result lost to the company if it’s a failure. Marketing using mobile brochures is definitely cost saving and risk –proofing, it requires nothing but the affordable program fees.

Mobile publishing is easy

Mobile publishing with the use of FlipBuilder is definitely not a programming code thing, but simply a drag and drop thing. When you accomplish your creation and are about to go online publishing, you may chose the GO MOBILE PUBLISHING selection, your publication will get a mobile URL with which and people worldwide can open directly on their mobile devices.