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The Professional Program You need to Create Interactive Shopping Catalog with Multimedia.

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Business owners or marketers make company catalog to present product information to their clients so as to market their business. Conventionally they make paper catalog offline and PDF catalog online. Whether it’s paper catalog or PDF catalog, the client conversion rate can hardly meet their expectation. The reason why they have limited marketing efficiency is simple: dull pages and hard to be distributed. Thanks to the technology, we now have digital publishing solutions that well resolve the problem. FlipBuilder creates vivid page turning digital publications that not only are so easy to be distributed, but have unraveled marketing efficiencies!

Mesmerizing page turning animation

It’s true that lots of web programs can make e-books, but few can make e-books with realistic page turning animation. FlipBuilder is a professional digital publishing program that restores people’s habit of reading. The contradiction between electronic device and reading books has been resolved. FlipBuilder has well married the two issues together.


No dull pages anymore

One of the important reasons why PDF catalog have limited client conversion rate is because it easily entails boredom to your clients due to its dull pages. Comparatively, your digital catalog based on FlipBuilder can have convenient page navigations and dynamic rich media content that create a lovely reading atmosphere. If company catalog cannot be made as inspiring, it cannot possibly realize high client conversion rate.

Your digital publication can have more differences

With multiple customizing tools, your digital catalog can be more powerful than you’ve ever thought! Digital catalog cannot simply be an advertizing platform, it’s also supposed to directly sell products to your clients. Now you may add shopping cart ,price tags, hyperlinks to your catalog to make it more than a digital advertizing catalog, but a digital shopping catalog.