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Publish Animated 3D Page Turning eBook to Access Readers on Mobile Platform.

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The reason that why we call Flip PDF Plus a powerful and professional digital publishing program is because the very program not only creates gorgeous digital publications on PC platforms, but also supports mobile publishing, allowing your eBook and online magazine reach each mobile users in the globe! It’s been studied that mobile users now nearly dominate the population of electronic devices, so if we well use the mobile platforms, there would definitely be lots of business opportunities we can grasp and we can make huge business success if we prepare everything well. The animated eBooks on mobile devices is an efficient method of advertizing our business, achieving huge client engagements! Let’s go mobile publishing!

Mobile publishing as efficient marketing tool

There is no doubt that the world now has plunged into the trend of mobile. More and more people are getting addicted to mobile devices and they go mobile shopping, reading, sharing, texting all the time. Flip PDF Plus allows you to create vivid page turn eBooks on mobile devices, efficiently showcase your content on mobile platform.


How mobile publishing is realized.

To try to resolve the problem and enable mobile interactive digital books, Flip PDF Plus creates HTML5 format digital books. Html5 is based on advanced technology and is extremely friendly to mobile devices with dynamic page turn animation.

Does mobile publishing require computer literacy?

Not at all. Flip PDF Plus allows everyone to create their own animated page flip eBook within minutes! Mobile publishing is simply a mouse clicking issue. You may chose the Create Mobile Version selection and your publication will be created as HTML5 first. Then you may use our cloud hosting service or the FTP server to online publish your book. With the URL acquired, people can directly open your digital book on their mobile devices through web browser.