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Know your reader better, Learn The Behaviors of Your E Magazine Readers Using Google Analytics.

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Every web designers or master know that optimize website is very important. A user-friendly e-commerce website helps to attract more visitors and inspire more purchase. It is also the same as online digital magazine. About the website optimization, we usually summarized as two points: the external and internal optimization. Which action belongs to external optimization? For example, build outside the chain through writing blog. Which action belongs to internal optimization? For example, website content description and SEO title and description for each web page. Then, magazine designer may want to ask that: how to optimize my online digital magazines so that get more readers and orders?

Google Analytics is the key tool for optimizing your online digital magazine. You can use this tool to track the traffic metrics of the online digital magazine. Through those statistical data, you can know how many people view your book and analyze which page style is more popular with audience. Compare with those data, you can find the most accepted way of page style and writing.


How can I track the traffic of e-magazine?

Flip PDF Plus has the e-magazine traffic analytics feature. With using this software, you can integrate Google Analytics with online digital magazine. Before that, you need to apply a Google Analytics ID. The operation is very simple, while designing digital magazine, type the Google Analytics ID to control settings and then publish online. Google Analytics will real-time to track the page view of online digital magazine.

How to apply Google Analytics ID?

Some people would want to know that how to apply Google Analytics ID. They have no idea about it. Google provides a simple application platform, without too much limitation, everybody can apply for one or more Google Analytics ID. Just open, click Access Google Analytics and then sign up to get tracking ID.