See what's new in Flip PDF Plus


  • 1. When batch uploading, if the title of a book is empty, the uploaded flipbook will be displayed with the default name of the PDF file.
  • [Bug Fixes]
  • 1. Fixed: Entering '&' and '%' symbols in the "email" option did not take effect.
  • 2. Fixed: Some flipbooks displayed fuzzy text when zoomed in on iOS devices.
  • 3. Fixed: Some flipbooks had issues with blurry text when viewed on Firefox.
  • 4. Fixed: Clicking on TOC in some projects caused the software to become unresponsive.
  • 6.24.14

    [Bug Fixes]
  • 1. Fixed: Norton software false alarm threat when updating new version of Windows. Please note: If Norton software is installed on your computer, please delete the corresponding FlipBuilder program folder located at C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs before installing the new version.
  • 2. Fixed: Cannot save when opening projects made by some old versions.
  • 3. Fixed: After opening the flipbook in EXE format, other software cannot normally use the Esc key.
  • 6.24.11

    [Bug Fixes]
  • 1. Fixed: When the [Show Share Button] is enabled, clicking the [More] button in the share window will directly display the built-in share window of the computer system.
  • 6.24.10

    [What's New]
  • 1. After saving a custom template, when applying the template, it supports individually selecting to apply a specific configuration.
  • [Improvements]
  • 1. Now you can one-click to clear the account and password you enter in the login interface.
  • [Bug Fixes]
  • 1. Fixed: Some flipbook projects created by the old version cannot be published as HTML, EXE, APP, and Plug-in when enabling [Download the original PDF and single pages].
  • 2. Fixed: The text cannot be searched after replacing the PDF pages.
  • 3. Fixed: After saving [About] information to the template, the [About] content is empty after publishing projects as HTML through the batch conversion interface.
  • 4. Fixed: After disabling [Page Flipping Sound], the sound button does not appear when enabling [Page Flipping Sound] again.
  • 5. Fixed: The template cannot be saved after adding two same attachments in [Download Settings].
  • 6. Fixed: The setting of [Disable browser cache] does not take effect.
  • 7. Fixed: A question mark appears in the search result after searching for the text.
  • 8. Fixed: When replacing PDF pages, the total pages are reduced after the page number entered exceeds the total number of the imported PDF.
  • 6.23.7

    [What's New]
  • 1. Now you can enable [Disable browser cache] option when publishing flipbook in html format and uploading flipbook online.
  • [Bug Fixes]
  • 1. Fixed: It cannot track the number of visits to specific pages using the Google Analytics ID.
  • 2. Fixed: Inaccurate targeting range of search results when searching on some PDFs.
  • 3. Fixed: No results when searching on some PDFs.
  • 4. Fixed: Some PDF files cannot be published in HTML format.
  • 5. Fixed: Some projects cannot be published in HTML format after setting up [Download the original PDF and single pages].
  • 6. Fixed: Prompt network error when successfully uploading the flipbook to the FlipBuilder server.
  • 6.22.6

    [What's New]
  • 1. We've added a feature of [lmport Published HTML Folder]. Now you can restore the book project for editing by importing the published HTML folder.
  • 2. We've added [Publish Settings] to the HTML Settings. After you set up, the publish settings will be preserved in the project, enabling you to publish this project using the same publish settings.
  • 3. Now you can manually type
    to add a line break in the text of your bookmarks.
  • [Improvements]
  • 1. [Curling Page Corner] will be disabled automatically when turning on [Ban Flip From Page Corner].
  • [Bug Fixes]
  • 1. Fixed: Failed to publish the project as an EXE file after editing the folder name.
  • 2. Fixed: After turning on [Show Select Text Button], the selection of the text area to be copied is incorrect for some PDF files.
  • 6.21.7

    [What's New]
  • 1. We've added a feature of【Ban Flip From Page Corner】in the page flip settings. Now you can add trigger actions when clicking the elements in the page corner without flipping the page.
  • [Improvements]
  • 1. We've improved the clarity of printed ebooks after setting【Text HD】as render engine.
  • [Bug Fixes]
  • 1. Fixed: The table of content of some PDF files are failed to be imported.
  • 2. Fixed: When setting the【Slide Mode】as book flipping mode, the setting【Remember Last Viewed Page】didn't take effect.
  • 3. Fixed: The toolbar was blocked by the home indicator using iPhone 13 Pro.
  • 4. Fixed: No response when clicking the the【Close】button during uploading the books.
  • 5. Fixed: When the login email or password is incorrect and the login fails, the program still shows that the login is successful.
  • 6.20.6

    [What's New]
  • 1. Now you can batch upload PDF files to the FlipBuilder server and convert them into flipbooks easily.
  • [Improvements]
  • 1. Punctuations in the ebook now can be copied if you choose [New engine] or [Text HD] as the render engine when imported.
  • [Bug Fixes]
  • 1. Fixed: The password settings would not be saved after saving the project.
  • 2. Fixed: Failed to publish books in HTML format and upload books after setting up [Download Settings].
  • 3. Fixed: The table of content didn't display properly after setting up.
  • 4. Fixed: Links in the PDF file could not be detected when they were too long for Win version.
  • 6.19.6

    [What's New]
  • 1. Now you can customize titles, product names, and product versions when publish your book as EXE on Win Version.
  • 2. We've added a [Batch Upload] feature, you can now upload multiple PDF files at the same time.
  • 3. We've added a feature for detecting a wide-page PDF file. The system will suggest you to choose more suitable options when choosing the "None" or "Auto" page cut.
  • [Bug Fixes]
  • 1. Fixed: Software would occasionally fail to exit.
  • 2. Fixed: No password protection but still prompted for password verification.
  • 3. Fixed: Re-uploaded the book after deleting the multiple passwords set in the previous book, the deleted passwords were still valid.
  • Version6.18.5

    [What's New]
  • 1. We've added a new render engine [Text HD] for Mac Version. Now you can choose from 4 types of definition: UHD, FHD, HD, and SD.
  • [Bug Fixes]
  • 1. Fixed: When selected [Text HD] as render engine and added or replaced page, the page would keep loading.
  • 2. Fixed: Failed to download all pages of the book.
  • 3. Fixed: Failed to publish the book in HTML format after setting [Download Settings].
  • 4. Fixed: Multiple passwords could take effect only after checking the multi-select checkbox.
  • Version6.17.4

    [Bug Fixes]
  • 1. Fixed: After setting [Annotation Button], the previous annotation content of the book would remain on the next one.
  • 2. Fixed: The default loading caption was not the title of the PDF.
  • 3. Fixed: The content of the last page would remain on the next page when flipped the book pages.
  • 4. Fixed: After selecting a new render engine, the search results were incorrect when the book has a single page.
  • Version6.16.4

    [What's New]
  • 1. We've added definition options for the render engine — [Text HD]. Now you can choose from 4 types of definition: UHD, FHD, HD, and SD.
  • 2. Now you can customize the browser ico when publishing your flipbook in HTML format.
  • [Bug Fixes]
  • 1. Fixed: It failed to correctly begin installing after downloading the installation package while updating to the latest version.
  • 2. Fixed: After setting [Annotation Button], the annotation content couldn't be saved when zoomed in.
  • Version6.15.8

    [Bug Fixes]
  • 1. Fixed: Selected [Import Link] while importing PDF, if both two consecutive lines of text have a link, then the links could not be opened correctly.
  • Version6.15.7

    [Bug Fixes]
  • 1. Fixed: The eBook project created by the old version cannot be opened.
  • Version6.15.6

    [What's New]
  • 1. We've added a new render engine [Text HD]. The text will be clearer when reading the eBook on a mobile device.
  • [Improvements]
  • 1. We've optimized the display location of the ebook password prompt. Now you can see the prompt clearly when reading on phones.
  • 2. We've optimized the output directory structure of [Batch Conversion] when publishing eBooks in different formats. Now, different formats of your ebooks will be published to the corresponding folder, which will be titled differently.
  • 3. We've optimized the file name after you published your ebooks in HTML format. It was renamed from the "flipbook.html" to "index.html".
  • [Bug Fixes]
  • 1. Fixed: After changing the output path during [Batch Conversion], the folder could not be opened after the conversion was completed.
  • 2. Fixed: The text appeared garbled after enabling [Remember Last Viewed Page].
  • Version6.14.4

    [What's New]
  • 1. You can now browse the details of the latest version and update to the latest version immediately in the program.
  • [Improvements]
  • 1. We've optimized software stability and reduced software footprint.
  • [Bug Fixes]
  • 1. Fixed: Failed to search for eBook texts owing to the replacement of eBook pages and PDFs.
  • 2. Fixed: Due to missing temporary directory files, the saved project had become corrupted.
  • Version6.13.5

    [What's New]
  • 1. Now you can replace one certain page of the ebook with one PDF page or image.
  • [Improvements]
  • 1. We've optimized the loading of ebook page-flipping.
  • [Bug Fixes]
  • 1. Fixed: Scanned QR code with iPhone to preview the ebook but could not play local video.
  • 2. Fixed: Could only launch the software as Administrator.
  • 3. Fixed: [Brief] Template could not display the fullscreen button.
  • Version6.12.1

    [Bug Fixes]
  • 1. Fixed: After adding pages in [Page], the page number of the original ebook could not be displayed in the TOC.
  • Version6.11.3

    [Bug Fixes]
  • 1. Fixed: When using Inner Library as a render engine, it would fail to import PDF with the same name by clicking [Add New Page].
  • 2. Fixed: When some links were empty in the PDF, it would fail to import PDF.
  • 3. Fixed: After uploading, it would fail to open the ebook on phone.
  • Version6.10.9

    [What's New]
  • 1. We've added [Page Quality Optimization] settings.
  • 2. The logo of the ebook now supports importing SVG images.
  • 3. Now you can output [A Zip File that contains the flipbook in HTML format and an EXE reader] when publishing as EXE in batch conversion.
  • 4. Now you can set up to enable [Search Engine Indexing] when publishing as HTML or uploading ebook.
  • [Improvements]
  • 1. We've optimized the [Blackbrown] theme, now it won't appear two page-flipping arrows after applying the theme.
  • 2. We've optimized the page numbering settings.
  • 3. We've optimized the ebook upload speed.
  • [Bug Fixes]
  • 1. Fixed: Shared the ebook on Facebook but it didn't have a thumbnail.
  • 2. Fixed: Selected [Import Link] when importing PDF, but it would fail to import the link successfully.
  • Version6.9.3

  • 1. We've optimized the upload function.
  • [Bug Fixes]
  • 1. Fixed: After setting a password for your eBook, it would get stuck when previewed.
  • 2. Fixed: The Mac Version couldn't merge PDFs.
  • Version6.8.5

  • 1. Now you can see the password hint added to your eBook when reading on mobile phones.
  • 2. We've optimized the import and publish process.
  • [Bug Fixes]
  • 1. Fixed: After importing a new PDF file to the previous project with a password, the password in the previous project remained in the new project.
  • 2. Fixed: Failed to batch conversion after selecting a custom template that had saved [Add Attachment] settings.
  • 3. Fixed: The eBooks uploaded to FlipBuilder server could not be opened by the IE browser.
  • Version6.7.2

    [What's New]
  • 1. Add [Rapid Flipping] configuration in the settings. Now you can configure whether to make your book flip pages in rapid succession.
  • [Improvements]
  • 1. We've optimized the error message when failed to import and publish. Now it can locate detailed errors.
  • Version6.6.5

  • 1. When exporting HTML to the desktop, if you did not select a specific folder, a folder named “flipbook” will be automatically created to hold all the exported HTML files.
  • 2. If some items of the [About] info is empty, the title of those items will be hidden.
  • [Bug Fixes]
  • 1. Fixed: Some PDFs could not be parsed and imported using the new engine in the Mac version.
  • 2. Fixed: The table of content icon of the [Brief] template could not display.
  • 3. Fixed: After publishing as HTML files, it would not create the HTML text version.
  • Version6.5.4

    [What's New]
  • 1. We've added an EXE output format that does not report errors.
  • [Improvements]
  • 1. Now you can show/hide the voice assistant as you need.
  • [Bug Fixes]
  • 1. Fixed: After decrypting the e-book, the encrypted pages could not be loaded immediately.
  • 2. Fixed: The published EXE file can not be open because the antivirus software had misunderstood it as a virus. Now to avoid the above situation, you can publish the flipbook as a Zip File which contains the flipbook in HTML format and an EXE reader.
  • Version6.4.1

    [Bug Fixes]
  • 1. Fixed: Adding password to the eBook and publishing it as EXE or APP files, the pages still could not be loaded out after decrypting.
  • Version6.3.3

    [What's New]
  • 1. When importing PDFs, select the new engine as the rendering engine, it can automatically generate website links, email addresses, phone numbers and other text in the PDF to hyperlinks.
  • [Improvements]
  • 1. When downloading eBook attachments via the download button, the downloaded attachments will retain the original file names.
  • [Bug Fixes]
  • 1. Fixed: Choose the PNG as the book page format while importing, but the final output page images were JPG images.
  • Version6.2.3

    [Bug Fixes]
  • 1. Fixed: After uploading the eBook, the eBook could not be opened because the domain name was not HTTPS.
  • 2. Fixed: After uploading the eBook, decrypted but still couldn't access the eBook.
  • 3. Fixed: After setting the password for eBooks and enable on the book selling feature, the eBooks could not be loaded normally.
  • Version6.2.2

    [Bug Fixes]
  • 1. Fixed: The content could not be pasted by pressing [Command+V] in the program of the mac version.
  • 2. Fixed: After clicking [Import], the application had no response and could not import PDF.
  • Version6.1.14

    [What's New]
  • 1. We've added a [Brief] template.
  • 2. We've added a new engine that helps convert more types of PDF documents.
  • [Improvements]
  • 1. We've optimized the exported eBook to display more clearly in Google Chrome.
  • 2. You can successfully import more large PDF files.
  • [Bug Fixes]
  • 1. Fixed: After clicking [Add New Page], and then choose to import PDF, the links in the original PDF would be invalid.
  • 2. Fixed: Couldn't move the annotation text box on the page when browsing double pages in [Slide Mode].
  • 3. Fixed: Failed to batch convert PDFs.
  • 4. Fixed: The thumbnail of the new added page displayed incorrectly.
  • 5. Fixed: After changing the logo of eBook and publishing, the logo remained FlipBuilder's.
  • 6. Because of the wrong path of the GPL Ghostscript engine, it is failed to use it as the render engine to import PDF.
  • 7. Fixed: Couldn't change [Widepage Cut] mode when importing PDF.
  • 8. Fixed: Chose Italian as application interface language but showed Finnish.
  • 9. Fixed: After re-importing new PDF, the voice in the original eBook was retained and played invalid. Now re-importing a PDF will clear the voice of the previous eBook.
  • 10. Fixed: When uploading eBook on the client, the login info was "Login timeout".
  • Version5.18.3

    [What's New]
  • 1. We’ve added [Page Stretch] button in [Settings]. When white margins appear on eBook pages due to inconsistencies in the size of the original PDF pages, you can try to turn on this button to stretch the page and remove the white margins.
  • [Improvements]
  • 1. You can set up [Zoom in Width] to customize the pages size which would display after double-clicking.
  • [Bug Fixes]
  • 1. Fixed: The program may stuck because the custom size of the importing images is blank. Now it is required to enter a positive integer as the page size before importing images.
  • Version5.16.5

  • 1. We've improved the theme configuration in Templates. New added [Loading Background Color], [Loading Caption], [Loading Caption Color].
  • [Bug Fixes]
  • 1. After uploaded the eBook to other server and shared to Facebook, the thumbnail of eBook couldn't display.
  • 2. The About Info was filled in but couldn't display.
  • 3. Some image couldn't import successfully.
  • 4. After switching to another language, the theme title didn't change.
  • Version5.15.8

    [What's New]
  • 1. Flip PDF Plus user interface is now available in Finnish. Now there are 12 UI languages, including Arabic, German, Spanish, French, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Romanian, Thai, Simplified Chinese, and Finnish.
  • [Bug Fixes]
  • 1. Fixed: failed to open the recent project.
  • 2. Fixed: the project failed to opened for the path where the project file was saved cannot be read. .
  • 3. Fixed: after adding the password, re-opened the project file, the flipbook required password before going through.
  • 4. Fixed: the previous password configuration still remain after you import a new PDF to create a new project.
  • 5. Fixed: the window size of the output EXE file can not applied to the right size even if you've set it before publishing.
  • 6. Fixed: the logo of the flipbook was still Flipbuider after output although it had been customized.
  • 7. Fixed: the thumbnail of Popular Template can not be displayed.
  • Version5.14.7

    [What's New]
  • 1. We've added [Text Sharpening] in [Settings]. Now you can turn on this button after you import PDF to make your text of the e-book clearer.
  • [Bug Fixes]
  • 1. Fixed: the project could not open when lyrics files of music add to a flipbook failed to parsed.
  • 2. Fixed: after the image was imported, the parameters in the [Settings] panel could not be modified when you chose [Batch Conversion].
  • 3. Fixed: sometimes PDFs could not be merged.
  • 4. Fixed: the WordPress plug-in could not be converted successfully during batch conversion because something missed in the output file.
  • 5. Fixed: although a download button and attachments were added to the flipbook, it was failed to download the added attachments from the output EXE file.
  • 6. Fixed: after importing a new pdf through Page Manager, the page numbers of the PDF were out of sequence.
  • Version5.13.3

    [What's New]
  • 1. Add [Quickstart Guide], when you use the software for the first time, we will show you how to create your e-book in one minute.
  • [Improvements]
  • 1. When you output the e-book, the output panel will automatically keep the contents filled in the last output (except the digital signature password of APK).
  • [Bug Fixes]
  • 1. Fixed: when you imported PDF file which ended with ".PDF", the software prompted that the format was incorrect.
  • Version5.12.8

    [What's New]
  • 1. The Flip PDF Plus user interface is now available in Tranditional Chinese.
  • [Bug Fixes]
  • 1. Fixed: If the flipbook project contained table of contents and bookmarks, when re-import a PDF into the current project, they could not be displayed.
  • 2. Fixed: If the folder path for publishing file contained special characters, it could not publish the book as APK or APP format.
  • Version5.12.4

  • 1. Optimized the log file format in [Feedback]. Now you can send the compressed package of the log files by email without being blocked.
  • 2. Optimized the supported email address format in [Feedback]. Now you can use more different email addresses.
  • [Bug Fixes]
  • 1. Fixed: chose "Widepage Cut" when importing the PDF, which may cause the PDF fail to import.
  • 2. Fixed: chose "Widepage Cut" when importing the PDF, duplicate PDFs trapped in the Application Working Folder may result in insufficient disk space for saving project files.
  • 3. Fixed: the path of Application Working Folder contains spaces. The output EXE couldn't be opened.
  • Version5.11.13

    [What's New]
  • 1. Add the [Manage Online Bookcases] feature. In the program, you will be redirected to the bookcase management page to customize your bookcase, such as adding eBook, changing background, sharing bookcases, etc.
  • 2. Add the [Preferences] feature. You can customize the application working folder and turn on the [Automatically Check for Update] function.
  • 3. Add [Feedback] feature, you can make suggestion on the feedback dashboard, submit log files and add screenshots, and then send them directly from the application.
  • 4. Add [Language] option on the home page. Changing UI language is avaliable now on the home page when opening the program.
  • [Improvements]
  • 1. We've reduced the size of the output file.
  • 2. Optimized the error prompt when switching network adapters. If the network adapter used by the user when using the program and activating the program is inconsistent, a pop-up window will show and guide the user to reactivate the program: A Network change was detected. Please register again.
  • [Bug Fixes]
  • 1. Fixed: After you added background music and published it as an EXE file, the background music failed to play.
  • 2. Fixed: Network environment would be changed with the switching of network adapters, which caused the missing of software registration status and users needed to register the program again.
  • 3. Fixed: Fixed the issue that using GPL Ghostscript as the render engine would cause part of the PDF pages to be lost.
  • 4. Fixed: After setting privacy protection on the new page and outputting e-books, when you entered the password to reopen the file, part of the pages could not load.
  • 5. Fixed: The program failed to parse the working folder and imported files because the username in operating system contained special characters. Now users would be asked to replace it if any problem is detected in the working folder.
  • 6. Fixed: Fixed some issues that may caused the program to crash.
  • 7. Fixed: When choosing a template from [My Templates] as the one for batch conversion, the configuration could not be applied successfully in eBook.
  • Version5.10.11

    [What's New]
  • 1. We've added the [Import Multi-PDF] feature. Now you can easily convert multiple PDFs into one flipbook.
  • 2. The Flip PDF Plus user interface is now available in 11 languages: Arabic, German, Spanish, French, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Romanian, Thai, and Simplified Chinese.
  • 3. Added a new [Error Report] feature. Now you can export the log files directly within the program when experiencing an issue, then you can send us the logs.
  • [Improvements]
  • 1. Now you can get more detailed error messages when the program fails to upload, import, or export your flipbook.
  • [Bug Fixes]
  • 1. Fixed: The attachments added to the flipbook couldn't be downloaded after publishing your flipbook in EXE format.
  • 2. Fixed: The progress bar would go backward when importing the PDF file.
  • 3. Fixed: The [About & Contact] settings were not saved after your template was exported.
  • 4. Fixed: When adding new pages in the Page Manager, the thumbnails of the new pages failed to display.
  • 5. Fixed: The program failed to convert the PDF when the installation directory could not be parsed correctly.
  • 6. Fixed: The program could not be activated and crashed when the installation directory could not be parsed correctly.
  • 7. Fixed: When you imported a new PDF into an existing project and the program failed to convert it, the flipbook of the existing project could not be displayed.
  • Version5.9.9

    [What's New]
  • 1. We've added a new [My Template] feature. Now you can save your flipbook configurations as templates to reuse these configurations quickly.
  • 2. Batch conversion feature added. Now you can batch convert flipbooks easily.
  • 3. 27 new beautiful flipbook themes for you to try.
  • [Improvements]
  • 1. The new Home Page is more intuitive and easy to use, offering quick access to important controls and useful information.
  • 2. We've optimized the upload speed. Now you can upload your books faster than ever.
  • 3. The process of activating Flip PDF Plus offline is now much easier and quicker.
  • [Bug Fixes]
  • 1. When uploading and replacing an existing book, the book configurations could be replaced successfully.
  • 2. Flip PDF Plus no longer crashes when it is installed under the installation directory of another program.
  • 3. Pages in flipbooks converted from a PDF would be with right width and height (without blank edge).