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Page flip catalog creating

How do you manage your Joomla catalog website in daily life? Is it convenient for you to add new products for online business? Flip PDF Plus can help you intelligently organize all the products information in a book-like catalog. For convenience, you can directly import the catalog PDF file for further customization. The page flip catalog can be published as your page, which can be embedded in your website. With the distinctive template and background, even the unique logo for your company, the flipping catalog is bound to attract more potential customers.

Extensive content for business

From the prospective of visitors, various contents are more appealing. To promote your online business, the catalog should contain extensive content for business. Flip PDF Plus is equipped with the powerful page editor for interactive content building.

For a catalog, the text and image are the basic element for product promotion. Flip PDF Plus helps you deliver more elegant content to engage the customers. The text and image in flipping catalog can be empowered with the animation effect. If you have multiple images for a product, you can take advantage of the slider to display them one by one. Videos, links, buttons and shopping cart are all possible to add in the catalog.


Analyze audience behavior

It is the audience that digests your content. So it is important to know your readers well. Google Analytics is the useful tool that can track all users’ behavior for you. If you own Google Analytics account, it is easy to analyze audience behavior with this Joomla Catalog Extension Creator. In the design setting, search Google Analytics, input Google Analytics ID, then you can track all details happened on the page flip catalog.

Multiple share options

Social share is everywhere in daily life. Sometimes, the simple click of audience can bring you much more traffics and deals. There are multiple share options on Flip PDF Plus. For online business, you can deliver the interactive catalog via emails. For online marketing, it is effective to share on social media. For trade fair, you can burn the interactive catalog to CD. For mobile marketing, you can publish the mobile version for mobile social sharing.


100% safety guarantee

Flip PDF Plus promise that all the flipping catalogs you create can be 100% safety. If you want to only let the one who have buy the products to see certain pages, you can set password to protect other from viewing. If your flipping catalog is for public, it is no need to add password.

Why choose this Joomla catalog extension creator

Flipping joomla catalog

Turn your PDF to page flip catalog for Joomla website in minutes.

Add hyperlinks

Connect the catalog with your online shops for convenient shopping.

Powerful sharing options

Multiple share options for marketing, such as social media and email.

Various design materials

A series of pre-designed templates, themes and scenes for personal design.

Embed vividly video

Make good use of the video content to entertain and engage audience.

Access with mobile

Compatible with iPone, iPad and Android devices, even the tablet.

Brand awareness building

Utilize the logo or advertising banner to raise the brand awareness.

Shopping experience

Enable the flipping catalog shoppable with ecommerce element.

Publish unlimited catalogs

Lifetime use for unlimited Joomla catalog plugins publishing.

Flip PDF Plus is the useful PDF to Joomla catalog extension software that enables you to showcase catalogs with page flip effect. Also, you can add extensive functionality to make your book-like catalog meets the demand of customers.