Free Lucid Template

Free Concise Template with different functional buttons

Lucid Template is concise template for designers to make a branded flipping publication, with book Logo added and background images designed.

After publishing created flipbook to website online, people can send flipbook info to friends, share the book links via Facebook or Twitter, scan all pages in Thumbnail mode smoothly, and view your ebook in full screen etc.

lucid template toolbar and button

All Functional buttons on ToolBar

Free Lucid Template offers you multiple functional buttons to show on the top bar, like Share, Thumbnail, Contact, Bookmark etc, for readers easy to share and easy to view the flipbook on your website. The most special is, Enable Zoom feature before publishing, people can single-click any page to zoom In/Out page size and adjust zoom scale as need.

share message via email and social share

Enable Share and Social Share Features

While reading the flipbook online, people can edit comment about flipbook to their friends via Email, and share flipbook to Facebook or Twitter users in single click. Easy for readers to distribute the book to more people to enjoy and improve the traffic of your website instantly.

make branded flipping publications

Transmit company info to people subtly

To make a branded flipping publication based on Lucid Template, you can insert Logo into the lower left corner of the book. And you can even customize background of your flipbook with any image, no matter ads or coupon info. While reading the book online, people can view the info you set at the same time and receive this message subtly.!

Free Concise and Simple Lucid Demo