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Sean O'Reilly


Flip PowerPoint Review

Software Informer

Flip PowerPoint is a reliable tool that allows you to transform your PowerPoint presentations (.ppt files) into great looking flipping books. The program offers a lot of handy functions that allow you to customize your booklets. You can add your logo, enable printing, modify the buttons, and much more.

What I appreciated the most was that the application provided a lot of templates, thus helping me quickly find the kind of design that I was looking for. Furthermore, Flip PowerPoint offers many preview options, allowing its users to ensure that they will obtain exactly the result that they desire.

Flip PowerPoint also provides some other advantages. Once your project is completed, the application will help you distribute it via e-mail. Moreover, you can burn it on a disk, directly from the interface of the program, without any further complications.


+ Offers many booklet templates for you to choose from.

+ Allows you to password protect your project.

+ Helps you burn your finished project on CDs or directly send it via e-mail.


- The importing process can take a while.

Dillon Robinson


Flip PDF Review

Good Afternoon,

I just wanted to write to say that I am extremely impressed with your basic paid Flip PDF software. Compared to similar products I've seen, this one is extremely slick. Even the default templates are very professional, and the whole experience is highly polished. The customization menu on the left is extremely easy to use and the search feature for those options is very welcome and something I've seen very rarely. The exported html/scripts/folder hierarchy is organized and simple and appears very easy to integrate. The way the end user can navigate the pages in many ways is great, and I love the polish behind the pseudo-3D page dragging/flipping. Very cool.

I just thought I would write you because it is very rare that I am so impressed with a piece of software, paid or otherwise.



My experience using Flip PDF

I have used this software for a long time, and have published a lot of flip books. I am not good at designing and as a matter of fact, the books I published are not beautiful enough. But, I still want to thank you for developing such a great tool without which, I would have created humble publications.

Francisco Martínez


Flip PDF Professional Review

Software Informer

Flip PDF Professional offers you the possibility of turning your boring PDF files into dynamic electronic books with a neat page-flip effect. The entire enhancing process is simple and intuitive, thanks to the program’s clear and attractive interface. The resulting e-book can be shared in different formats, including a convenient and self-executable EXE file for easy distribution.

Conceived as a fully professional e-book editor, this software tool comes with a plethora of settings, options, templates, scenes, and themes for you to create visually stunning electronic books out of your boring and static PDF files.


+ Neat and intuitive interface.

+ Supports various file formats for the output.

+ Allows you to create screen savers out of your e-books.

+ Comes with a full-featured PDF editor.

+ Wide variety of templates and scenes.

+ Bookmark support.

+ Creates EXE files for easy sharing and distribution.


- None



Excellent for 5 stars

One of the best software I've ever used, really love it. Fast import, large file support, multiple files conversion, user friendly UI, various features. Just amazing! I give a 5 stars.

Andy Bucher



When I searched on Google the page flip software, I didn't expect you have such a useful feature. Then I was deeply attracted and impressed by the bookcase, I followed your instructions and created my own bookcase. I published many books to my account and now I use it to sell my books. Nice feature and smart move by you!



Flip PDF 3.10.3 beta

You are awesome, your new beta version has 11 languages, I use French now. Merci beaucoup!




Nice software, will place order after a full test for the Pro version.



Looking forward to your updates

It has been quite a long time since you upgraded the product, when will you release a new version? I like your software and hope the next version won't disappoint me.

Ivan K.


Thanks for the Christmas and New Year present

I'm so grateful for your special offer for the coming Christmas and New Year. And I do really like your beautiful greeting card. Happy holidays and best wishes for you!



Respond a little late

One thing that I don't like is that you don't have a phone number. And if I have problems, I can't get answers immediately but have to wait for your email. Though sometimes you respond with solution very quickly, sometimes it could be one or two days.

Cammy Stud


Slow import and output for Mac

Your Flip PDF Mac version seems to solve my problems because I don't use Windows and I can easily create the flip book. But then I had a problem with the import and output, it took quite some time to import and output sometimes. My conclusion is: It is a piece of nice software, but something needs to be improved.



Thank you for your Thanksgiving Offer

I just want to say thank you. Thank you so much for your Thanksgiving special offer for the Alpha and Brand Templates, they are really very nice and professional and there are different templates in them. I can use them for different occasions and I really like these well-designed templates. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Donny Alverson


Flip PDF Pro Review

Flip PDF Professional is the most powerful page flip software I've used. It can do the basic conversion as the standard version does, and it also provides the page edit to let me add images and flash and music. $299, I think it is worth the money.



Where is the French version?!!!

I download the latest version, and I can see English, Chinese, Italian and Japanese, only… but where is the French one? Will there be a French one?

And just like Gordon said, there are mistakes, hope the new version won't have this problem. But anyway, you are doing a good job, looking forward to the French version.



I love the different languages

Just saw from your Newsletter, you released a new version that has English, Chinese, Italian and Japanese. It sounds great. I tested it, there were some mistakes, some words were not translated or translated into other languages. I think something must be done to fix this.



Meida, youtube, video, music, image…

I had several flip book makers installed on my PC, but I gave them up finally because of Flip PDF Pro. I've never thought that a flip book can be so great, with so many media, youtube, vimeo, video, music, image album, voting… that's damn cool… you are #1, truly

Garry White


Wonderful Templates

When I first used it, I was so disappointed because I saw only 4 templates there. But soon after I asked them if they would offer more, I found myself wrong. There were many free online templates there, professional, beautiful and really cool.



Auto play in CD

I published the flip book in a CD, but when I put it in my computer, it didn't play automatically. In fact, there was no such an auto play option in CD format. But now the new version allows it to auto play in the CD format.



WordPress plugin flipbook

You really did a great job, I can publish the flipbook as a plugin for my wordpress website. Wait, no, not only one book, but many books. That's cool, you're years ahead… And, your guide helped me install the flipbook without any question.



Useful plugin

The plugins are really useful, banner, music player, video player, slider…

subra mani


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