Can I add a numbering list on text to convert to flip book?

Can I add a numbering list on text in order to make the point more clear? And now I have no idea how to find out numbering list button and use it.

Flip Writer allows users to enter the words on program and then convert text to page-flipping book directly. Before converting text to flip book, there are many editor tools to edit the content you entered. Anyway, entering a numbering list on content can make the point clear and highlight the import point exactly. Now let’s show you the steps to add numbering list on content.

1.Enter content: launched Flip Writer and then enter some content on program directly;

2.Find out “Add Numbering list”: move to editor buttons and then find out “add numbering list” on right side;

3.Add Numbering list: select some content and click “Adding Numbering List” or click “Adding Numbering List” button first and start to enter the content;


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