Can I browse the flipbook more clearly?

Whether can I view the e-book more clearly? How to make it bigger?

You can zoom in the output flipbook by reducing its margin so that you can view it more clearly. Another method is that you can zoom in it by clicking the "zoom in" button, at the same time, you can also zoom it out to the original size.

Reducing margin:
1. Choose "Book-->Book Margin" on left menu box;
2. Set digits 0 for the form of "Book Margin";
3. Click button "Apply Change" on the top menu.

Clicking "Zoom In" button:
1. Choose "Tool Bar-->Zoom Scale";
2. Set multiple for zooming in such as 2 which means that the flipbook is 2 times bigger than the original after clicking the button "Zoom In";
3. Click button "Apply Change".

PS: After zooming in, you can move the flipbook with mouse. Anf if you set the margin 0, your flipbook will be a size fit with screen that you can view it more clearly.

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