Can I change button icon and icon color of flipbook?

While I use Flip Office Pro to create flipbook, I find it is difficult to draw a distinction between button and background color of toolbar. Can I change the button icon to make a contrast between button icon and toolbar background?

Yes, you can use Flip Office Pro to import icon file (.*swf) to change the button icon of flipbook. You can also design icon color in Flip Office Pro.

Here are some steps in detail.

Step1. Find "Button Icons" group on "Design Setting" drop-down list: Design

Setting -> Toolbar Settings ->Button Icons

icon button

Step2. Choose "Icon Color" and click "…" to select right color from color box;

step3. Choose Icons File (SWF Only) and click "…" to import icon file from your computer;

icon button

And then click "Apply Change", you will find the button icon on the toolbar has been changed.

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