Can I change flash language into native language instead of English?

I would like to show my created flipbook online with our native language, what to do to change display language?

Flip Word (free download here) provides you different languages for you to use in flipbooks, such as English, Chinese and Arabic, you can even edit your own language for displaying on your flipbook:

1. After import word file to the template, click "Options->Flash Language", you will enter into the Language Settings interface;

2. The program provides you three different languages for you to use: English, Chinese and Arabic, if you want to add another language for your own use, click "New Language" button and define name for the new language;

3. Choose the first label and click "Edit" icon, define new word in "Labeled" box, then click "Save And Edit Next", after translating all labels into your own language, choose it from "Language Name" for later use.

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