Can I change order of images while converting to flipbook?

I imported many images for creating a funny flipbook which will be shown online, but the images are disordered, how to put the images into right order?

Flip Image (free download here) enables you to import multiple images at once, if the images are put into wrong order, then you have different methods to put them back to the right position:

1. Choose the image you want to reorder, click "Action->Move First/ Up/ Down/ Last" or choose the action by right-clicking;

2. Click "Actioni->Sort" or right-click to choose "Sort", you can sort listed images by name, file size, image size or even create time;

3. Click "Action->Rearrange..." or right-click to choose "Rearrange...", it provides you some Modes for you to choose, you can change page number based on your situation;

4. Drag some image to the right position directly.

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