Can I convert paper books to ebooks with same page-flipping effect?

If you want to upload your paper books on website, or put your photos to a gallery with page-flipping effect, you can try Flip Image.

Flip Image can help you to scan paper documents, optimize scanned images and then output as flipbook in an easy way.

Follow below steps:

1.Scan files: click "File->Scan->Select Scanner and Scan Paper", the paper documents in your scanner will be scanned in to the Thumbnail or List;

2.Setting: click "File->Setting" to define page size and quality for output flipbooks, you can also optimize your scanned pages, such as de-skew, crop margin, brightness etc.;

3.Publish: click "Publish" button to preview output flipbooks, you can also set tool bars such as Zoom In, Printable, Downloadable in this interface, then "Apply Change";

4.Output: click "Convert To Flipping Book" to choose your wanted output mode, HTML, EXE, ZIP, or Burn to CD.

Free download the trial version to have a try.

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