Can I create flipping album with paper photos?

Some antique photos are just paper photos, without electronic version. Can I use these photos to create flipping album?

"Scan Paper" feature supported in Flip Image Pro , can be used to scan paper photos in a couple of click. Then you will get the source to decorate and publish into flipping album. If you have more than one Scanner, you should select Scanner before scan paper.

Proceed as follow:

1. Put the paper photos on your Scanner and click on "Scan paper" icon to obtain source;

2. Select the source that you need to create flipping album, and decorate photos with Frames or Clipart, adjust its contrast and brightness;

3. Then click "Publish to FlippingBook" to enter into design interface. Here are three templates and multiple features for you to use;

4. If you need to add a video, or other rich-media, just click "Edit pages" to add the media you want. After setting, do not forget to click "Apply Change" to store all setting;

5. The Last step is click "Convert to Flipping Book" to choose output format and convert to flipping album in a few minutes.

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