Can I display flipping book in single page mode?

I want give readers flexible page display options in flip book; change the options from double page to single page or single page to double page. Can I do that?

Yes, you can use Flip Office Pro program to add a single page button on flipbook’s toolbar, and then readers can click this button to change the display mode from double page to single page. Below is the tutorial.

Step1: Start Flip Office Pro and import object file from your computer;

Step2: Find the "Single Page" bar on "Design Setting" interface;


Step3: Set the "Single Page" setting -> select "Enable";


Step4: apply change then click "Convert To Flipping Book" to publish flipbook.

After you publish flipbook online, your readers can click the "Singe Page" button or "Double Page" button to change view mode depends on their needs.


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